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thanks huggs mums for the sewing advice Lock Rss

I cant find the original post I did asking for tips for making a mei tai baby carrier, but I got good advice and was given a good pattern, I made it today and here it is (I dont think I tied it completley properly though so please forgive that!!!)

That looks awesome! Love the colours and design!!
Hey well done.

Looks great. Hope it is comfy for you both. smile
i do believe its international baby wearing month / week....!!!

Excellent! i love my ergo i use it almost daily for my 19month old he loves it

That looks fabulous!

I usually cross the straps under DD's bum rather than behind, but do whatever is most comfy for the two of you smile

Looks fantastic!! Wishing I had of paid more attention in year 8 sewing now smile
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