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Okay so how do I do it..... Lock Rss

Okay lil man is 3 weeks old today (awwwwwww) and that is it for me, shop is now shut. Sooooo I am making an effort to get back to the weight I was prior to getting pregnant with DD1. So that means I need to lose 19.5kg.

How the hell am I going to do that????????????????

Please don't say stop eating KFC.

Wow where has that 3 weeks gone? Hope all is going well for you.

Sorry, but you are going to have to be disciplined & a small serving of KFC once a month is about it. You don't want to undo all the good you will do.

Lots of water, 30 minutes walking every day & cut down or even cut out fats. Like no butter on sandwiches, or a very small amount. No fried foods.

Healthy eating, smaller portions.

You'll be surprised how much difference just the fats can make.

I tried to lose 14kgs since DS was born 2 years ago & it wouldn't go, so I had to get medical help with it. But that was my last resort.

Good luck. It is not easy.
you dont need to cut out KFC, when you go there, just order a fillet burger without the fillet, without the bun and without the yummy sauce. See, KFC takeout without the guilt, a big pile of lettuce smile smile smile

(when I was a kid in NZ, the canteen used to serve chip and vegemite rolls but didnt serve just chips, so I was often known to write on my lunch bag 'One chip and vegemite roll, no bread, no butter, no vegemite please' and they would send back my lunch bag only filled with chips smile )
Unfortunately, KFC has to be a once a month or so treat. It's hard at the start, but it gets easier! I used to eat fast food twice a week or so, then decided just because i was walking everywhere didn't mean i could eat crap (i was a size 10-12). Sooo, i gave it up. I also don't have snacks in the house (no biscuits, chips etc). I usually have pizza once a month as a treat, because i find if i don't, I really start to crave it!

I walk 5-6km almost every day (weather permitting) and don't have sugar in my tea or coffee. Semi-skim milk.

I eat lots of salad and salad sandwiches (wholemeal bread) , and I have started buying those weight watchers meals, they are surprisingly delicious!!

I have gone from a size 10-12 to a 7-8 in about 6-8 weeks, and it wasn't all that hard either. I haven't lost a lot of ''weight'' as such, as i'm putting on muscle, but the tape measure and the new clothes i've had to buy are showing me that my hard work is actually paying off! I especially love the clothes-buying bit, hehe.

Good luck with your weight-loss journey!

Ok, you want to loose weight?? well this is for everyone wanting a healthier diet and to never be hungry! and have loads of energy to get through the day.

For breaky, PORRIDGE with a PROTEIN SHAKE (My dh mixes this up he has the cookies and cream protein shake. MIL & FIL are doing this too and let me tell you they are some hot grand parents atm!) ok.

10.30am Morning tea, a can of Baked Beans (small can) and a small can of Tuna (carbs and Protein)

1pm LUNCH A mountain bread roll, containing 50grams of cooked chicken, lettuce tomatoe, avocado..any 'salad item' you want.

3pm Afternoon TEA-Find yourself a protein bar that you like, it may take some taste testing. there are some shockers out there! you can wash this down with some pepsi max!

DINNER 6pm- 50grams of meat of your choice and do some digging around to find different ways with your vegies. Like stuffinf mushrooms.

Remember, food is fuel for your body. Only eat what you need. Listent o your stomach. Dont watch TV while eating and drink at least 8 cups of water a day!

Find a gym timetable and a friend to go with you, I love ZUMBA if you havent tried it I definately recommend you go to a class. Some instructors are not very good at it so if you personally don't like that class look around for someone else who does it.

Please try this for 2 weeks smile I beg you and then tell how you feel.
Your baby is only 3 weeks old! Loosing weight takes time, i'm sure you uterus hasn't shrunk back to normal yet and your probably feeling like you should fit back into normal clothes by now. Be patient. Take your baby out for a walk in the sunshine drink lots of water and dont try rush your weight loss.
Thanks all. I know it'll be a long process, I'm fine with that. There's no way I'll fit into my old clothes yet!! Heheh. At least I don't have unrealistic expectations....I know what my body is capable of to some extent so don't anticipate massively quick weight loss. If I can do 1kg a week I'll be happy. Just want to get it kick started is all. I'm not in a position to be able to join a gym or anything as DP does split shift, we don't have any family in the area to watch the kidlets, none of them do daycare up here anyway, and I can't fit the three kids in the car at the same time anyway until I sort that out!!!!

I'm lactose intolerant so I can't have any of those protein shake things, and have very limited breakfast options too. I kinda tend to have a couple of coffees and a

centuryofbows that seems like a lot of food actually! I already drink truckloads of water so got that bit covered. How come you shouldn't watch tv while eating?? Just curious....

I will also resolve to cut down KFC to twice a month. LOL. Once a month simply isn't enough.... That said I don't eat heaps of it when I do have it. A 2 piece feed is enough for me smile Hehehe. Mmmm. Now I want KFC.
My father told me cutting wheat and gluten out of your diet is amazing. He has started doing it and has lost so much weight on his stomach its unbelievable gasp

Though..that do means no
When my dad told me that my jaw pretty much dropped to the floor. Im going to try but im telling you now...i dont see it lasting haha
Hey, yeah it is alot, but it's balancing the carbs and the protein so your metabolism works nicely while you sleep smile prob not a good one if your breastfeeding. Not sure what the take is on that. Perhaps consulting a dietician to have a meal plan done up?

You shouldn't watch TV while you eat because of a number of reasons, firstly you need to realise when you have had enough to eat. Sit down at the table and try and just focus on eating, listen to your stomach and how it feels. When you don't feel hungry you should stop.
Also, people who associate eating and watching TV tend to forget they have already eaten-hence reach for some more food.

Our average daily intake is 1200 calories (That is ONE packet of tim tams!!!-I learnt this the hard way 5 years ago!!!!!!!!!) I was eating my darling tim tams..and my other meals on top of that! once I kicked the habit the weight dropped off!! Then I fell pregnant again. But it only took 5 mths to loose the weight.

A really good book is "crunch time' by Michelle Bridges. Although I havent brought myself to eat Kangaroo yet............we bought the kangaroo once but we both hesistated and put off cooking it up until it went off and the dogs got a treat smile!

It has a meal plan in it as well and you can substitute the dairy for lactose free. (My DD has lacotose intolerance so we accomodate for that too.)

Let me know if you have any questions. Im more than happy to help. Ive been through it all. I once weighed 100kgs...(Not my finest moment) But no one would believe me now. xx

PM if you like.
use the calorie king website. you take an online assessment and it calculates how much calories you should have per day to reach your goal.

it's free and i find it so helpful.

i put all our meals in it so all i have to do is reload them in on the days i eat them. i have found the daily planner very helpful as i map out what i will be eating tomorrow, today, and get it all ready to avoid snacking.
I'm sorry for bumping this old thread but I have a tip I really feel like sharing with you.

Losing weight can be done with zero exercise minutes per day darling.....

Weight loss comes down to energy balance, as long as you’re eating fewer calories than you are burning (you burn calories every second, regardless of what you’re doing), you will lose weight. Exercise is one way to manipulate this energy balance and increase the amount of calories burned.

It is possible to exercise for 1 minute per day and still lose weight.

1 minute of specific weight loss routines, is equivalent to 45 minutes of moderate exercise at the gym

To be honest, I don't know too much more about it other than it working great for me and hubby, click here to take their 1 minute quiz: smile

I highly suggest your check it out if you're looking to lose your weight easily once and for all. It's called the "1 Minute Weight Loss Program" for a reason wink wink tongue

This is for those of us who are lazy out there lol!!!

Good luck!

Lost 17 pounds in 3 Months w/ little to no exercise
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