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Its been done a lot but... Rss

I know this topic has been done a lot but every time i saw it posted it didn't relate to me so i would skip past it. Now we are talking about having another baby. I want to know how difficult you found it having 3, what your age gaps are and if you feel it was harder going from one to two children or two to three children? Thanks
My age gaps.. are close... number #3, Brody, fitted in like he always belonged... I think it was the easiest trasition (2-3) as we already had routines set up and it was pretty much just an extra child to bath an extra meal to make etc... I'm just hoping that the transition from 3-4 will be the same...

nice post OP. I am in the same situation and was wondering the same thing. my 2 boys are 5 and 3. so will a bit of a ap. and i no longer have any baby stuff so if i do have another i might have to think about having a baby shower. never had one b4 but sounds fun.
The third is born learning how to wait in line for its turn. They get bathed and feed with the other two. Once you get looking after two little ones at the same time sussed then its easy from there
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I found it blew out the housework unbelievably. The washing now NEVER ends lol
I love having 3! i have 3 aged 3 and under well until tomorrow then its be 4 and under ds is 4 dd1 is 21mths and dd2 is 4.5mths.

dd2 has fit in perfectly. shes a very easy baby. my best sleeper by far. even the day i had her she fit in with everyone else.

I personally like the smaller age gap between the girls then between 1 and 2.

edit to add. I do it with no family support. And infact i will have en extra toddler for then next few days as my neice is coming to stay so i'll be able to let you know what lifes like with a 4yr old, a 20mth old 21month old and 4.5month old lol

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