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FRIEND??? Lock Rss

My friend is having a baby shower and I was going to take my DD with me(13 months old). I told her though that she probably would not play with other babies there as they are younger and not mobile(and the fact that Nina does not 'play' with other kids yet.)

She responded with...'Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that it's important for kids to be social from the word go. Being that the first three years of their life they learn the most, how will it be for her if she doesn't socialise with other lil ones? '

I was and am LIVID. She does not seem to get that a 1 year old won't play and interact with other babies and play happily and nicely together. Also I said that she may be a bit shy and scared as there will be so many strangers there. Guys drinking etc etc. She thinks I am affecting her future by saying this.

Am I wrong?
Hi Ana,
I have a 13mth old girl and she goes to play group once a week for 2 hrs with me while i try and socialise myself.They don't really interact with others my daughter doesn't she has been walking since she was 9mths and would rather go off and explore then sit ad play with other kids.She watches them and that, but my daughter plays by herself it seems more fun then to play with kids that are older more advanced then her or kids that just sit there because they only crawl.All i can say is that your friend will learn when her baby comes.And as much as she may think that when her baby is 6mth old it will socialise with other kids rahter then mum and dad and people that she knows you can't force kids too. I think the soicialising needs to start at home and with family is more important then other kids that will come when you think they are ready. Familar people is what makes kids feel comfortable not strangers. And hey don't we as adults feel uncomofrtable around strangers sometimes i know i do.
You know your own child better then someone who has not got any yet.We can have all these great idea's before the kids come but doesn't always work in practice. Hope this helps
No you are not wrong, there is 17 months between DD#1 (3 1/2yrs) and DD#2 (2 yrs) so DD#2 has always had someone to 'play' with. It wasn't until about 2 months ago that she started to play her older sister who has been trying to play with her for about 18 months. Yes they played previously but not together, along side each other. As for shyness among strangers and groups some kids thrive with these sort of situation - my nephew would walk into a room full of people and stand in the middle to make sure everyone saw him while my DD#1 stands behind me or DH hoping no one will notice her while DD#2 couldn't really care less.

Is the friend having a baby shower the one having a baby?? and does she have any children already? Sometimes people have opinions about things they know little about. Just by attending your DD will be exposed to a social sitution.

I think if you had said I don't want to take DD because of (reasons you gave above) then this response would be appropriate.

Don't let this upset you are only looking out for your daughter - thats what us mums do??
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