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Offspring on Ten Lock Rss

Who else cannot wait to see it Sunday night!!!! Bring on 8.30pm lol.
I love offspring and can't wait for Sunday night. Its one of the very few shows that i love
totally addicted to it! have been lost without it

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Lurrrrrrrrrrrve it!!!! smile
Totally addicted! Love all the characters, esp Jimmy.
But, if my obstetrician was as dippy as Nina, I'd be scared!

His Royal Highness, Prince William

Yep, love it!!
I can't wait for Rush to start again next week and Good News Week.
Only 3 sleeps, lol.!!!!!

As soon as it starts Im like Shhhh dont talk to me. lol. Yippee! Going to suck when the season is over but good its been approved for a 2nd season.
Offspring is great!!! Can't wait to watch it Sunday smile
sad I've missed the past 2 weeks of it! Blackout or something the first week and labour last week! :S Sooo not happy!
But on a good note our net's back to normal so I get to come back to huggies and watch the webisodes wink ooh yeh! haha

omg i love this show its so funny and different...though i am a lil disapointed in nina sleepin with nick i think his name is?? just that every other show is like that it gets borin after awhile when ppl cheat...

i like ninas lil dreams though lol dp and i usually watch it together.

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love love love it!!! was so sad when the comm games came on instead lol love Billie (sp?)

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