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What were you doing when your labour/s started?? Lock Rss

#1 - was asleep in bed when my waters gushed EVERYWHERE at 2am

#2 - stood up off the lounge to go to bed when waters broke again. Wasn't til I was in hospital the next mroning that labour started though, after they put in the drip.

#3 - at home and started contrax at about 11am...had a friend over who noticed before I did that they were very regular! Once she realised she said I'm outta here lol. She was worried DD would fall right out lol. I wish.

Is your waters breaking a yucky sensation? Must feel so strange

Hmmm the first time it was because I had no idea if I was peeing myself or what was going on! And it honestly POURED out so I soaked the mattress and the carpet (had to replace both lol). The 2nd time there was a sound like a balloon going BANG and just a little trickle.

Just because I am super clucky and bored...

What were you doing and where were you when your labour/s started?

Anyone have the whole waters exploding in the supermarket isle sernario?

Bahahaha, well mine WAS at the supermarket, actually in the carpark but not as dramatic as that. About 4pm the day before my due date, me and mum got back from a long walk around the hills(trying to bring on labour lol) Got home, went toilet and had my "show"
We then went to the supermarket, it was about 4.30 by the time we got there, I got out of the car and started walking towards the supermarket, when i felt something trickling down my leg, felt like i was peeing myself!! Anyway I was like "Uh, mum, i think my waters just broke"
She just looked at me and was like "Your probably just imagining it" gasp

Anyway i said I'd wait in the car, while she went into the supermarket, so i took my jacket off and sat on that in the front seat, rang my bestie while i was waiting for mum.

Got home and my pants were soaking by that stage, so i jumped in the shower then rang my midwife. Contractions started shortly after that. And DS was born at 3.16am on his due date smile
DS1 - Was sitting at home on the couch having lunch and watching Dr Phil when my waters broke, actual active labour didn't start until later and he was born in 2.5hrs.

DS2- Was having lunch with a work colleague when i started having mild contractions, they didn't get stronger until a few hours later and he was born in 4hrs.

Waiting to see how DD1 makes her entrance!
I was in bed at about 10:30pm after being induced at 2:20pm but told to come back in 24hours to see where I was at.
I started getting contractions so i read the paper work and it said to ring if they were strong or frequent so I started timing and they were two minutes apart. I rang and they told me it was just side effects but I decided to go in as I'm 5 mins away. They gave me panadiene forte and said I could go home soon but contractions just kept coming at two mins apart for the next 8 hours and hello baby! laugh
I never felt my waters break but I had low fluid so that probably made it less noticeable.
DD1 I was in bed (it was 5am). Thought i must have eaten something bad cos I felt sick, had a shower, went back to bed, then remembered I was pregnant....lmao

DD2 I was at the hospital in the waiting room waiting for my sizing scan, joking about how funny it would be if I went into labour there....then I did...

DS1 I'd been having contractions since the dawn of time. Finally they had that "serious" feel, I was at home watching a storm out the window in the middle of the night. It was pretty cool actually.
Nothing exciting but will share anyway.

DS1 - thought I was in labour 2 days before my EDD... so rushed to the hospital only to be told I am 2cm dilated. So was given some pethadine to help me sleep. Sent home next morning. On morning of EDD, got more pains and then couldn't walk much so rung my midwife who had scheduled me in for a 40week scan at the hospital and a quick internal. At the internal (1pm), I was 4-5cm so stayed... contractions slowed after waters were broken by midwife so needed syntocinon... DS1 was born that evening.

DS2 - 4 day over, started having contractions at 2am... went into hospital. Needed syntocinon because contractions slowed after my waters were broken by midwife. Had DS2 just before 9am.

DD - 9 days over, had a scan the day before to make sure bub still had enough fluid and all is ok for pregnancy to continue. Everything was fine so I was still playing the waiting game. That night at about 9pm, I started to feel pains... started timing contractions and they got closer and longer. Called my midwife at midnight and went into the hospital. Midwife broke my waters after contractions slowed and I was pushing pretty much after that. DD was born just before 4am.

All the best for the birth of your little one. smile
DD was induced so waters were broken for me and contractions started there.

DS had my show and the runs all day and then felt tighnings and cramping which got worse. At first I put it down to playing with DD on the floor though. Hind waters only leaked a little then the midwife tried to pop them with her finger which only made them leak even more. All of a sudden after a contraction they gushed on the bed though.

Mine's not at all exciting -

At 40+9 I went into the hospital, after the DR broke my waters. DS was born 5 hrs later.
Both times I was in bed.

With DD1 it was about 1130pm and I felt I needed to get up to go to the loo (for the millionth time!) and as I got up my waters just started trickling everywhere. It felt gross and smelt awful! I didn't start having contractions until about 9 hours after that.

With DD2 I'd been having contractions every night for a week that would last about an hour or so then go away. I woke up at 230am with a big pain and I knew this time it was 'it.' I got up and walked around the house, went to the toilet a million times cos there was this intense pressure on my bladder, my waters broke, and I had a bit of a spew (still had morning sickness). Got to hospital 40 minutes before she was born.

LOL, How could you imagine your waters breaking?!?! gasp laugh

Lol i know, right?! I think she was just a little freaked because it meant the baby was coming!! Think she was more nervous than me, i was just excited!
My daughter decided to come 4 weeks early so I wasn't really expecting it.
Me and my husband had just got home from taking our dogs to training and I was giving them their dinner when a little bit of my waters came out.. I thought I had pee'd a little, I was thinking 'Well that's a little embarrassing' so I go to the toilet but don't need to go.. but as I walk out of the bathroom my waters just start running out so I grab my towel from the rack, wrap it between my legs and shuffle out to my husband in the kitchen. He just looks at me with this face like.. 'I'm not even going to ask..' I tell him what happened and he tells me to sit in the bath tub because by this stage the towel had soaked through and was starting to drip too. I called my midwife and she told me I would have to come into the hospital and would have to stay until she was born as my waters had broken pre-term. Mind you, she said I could have been there for up to two weeks if labour didn't start, but lucky me, by the time I got to the hospital I was having contractions and she was born the next morning.

The whole time I was leaking water I just kept thinking 'Thank goodness it didn't happen in front of everyone at dog training or in my new car on the way home'
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