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What were you doing when your labour/s started?? Lock Rss

ds1- they didnt break, came out in the little sack unsure unsure
ds2- fri night leaked in bed, sat night leaked in bed sun morning went to hosp stood up out of car and gush, i walked in there like a crab lol and couldnt remember where delivery was laugh
So interesting to see how everyone went into labour!

DD1 - I was on a 5km trek with my mum, hoping to get labour started! By the time I got home, I was having contractions. Born after 23 hrs posterior labour.

DD2 - Was pacing outside, watching a storm and my water broke all over our dogs. It was like a waterfall gushing and gushing and just didn't want to stop. Funny feeling!! Really warm and icky!! hehe Born after 2hr, quick labour.


None of my waters broke til established labour....

DS I was induced so was at a specialist hospital due to his problems, they said we will just pop the gel in and nothing willhappen, we will come back in the morning to induce you.... 30 mins after the gel was put in I was in labour...

DD1 I woke up to a big contraction at 6am and then had diahrea.... I rang mum and said I feel sick and have the runs... apparently my sister had thought she had food poisoning when she was in labour, so mum said no you don't I am coming, I rang DH who was 4 hrs away so mum sat with me, the contractions got more intense (started at 5mins apart from the beginning) just before DH got home so off to hossy, they ended up breaking my waters....

DD2 I had a S & S on the tuesday and had pre labour contractions from then onwards, got to the sunday and got up and went to the loo and had a show, was soooooo excited, had a few mil contractions then all stopped.... next morning had the rest of my show.... rang the hossy but for the 1st time in a week I was feeling no pain, so they said when DH got home from work to wander over and they will pop me on the monitor for an hour, arranged for MIL to watch the kids and packed PJs JIC.... got halfway to hossy and contractions started 5 mins apart, got in and was 3 cms so had her that night...

With the mattress thing, I brought one of those waterproof mats and put on my bed for the end of all my pregnancies JIC but never needed it
I was asleep, with being my 1st labour i had no idea what was going on.

Jayden- I was laying in a hospital bed from having a suspected case of Meningitis (which it wasnt)

Ella- I was at work

Brody- I was negotiating with my mum that I would cook dinner if she bathed the kids... altho I didnt end up doing either....hehehehehe

DD - Laying in bed trying to sleep at 1am when i wet myself thought it was pee but it kept coming. Lucky we had a water bed just had to wash the cover well mil did. I also leaked all over the floor. Labour didn't start till i had the drip 8 hours later had her 5pm.

DS - I was in hospital being induced with gel just laying in bed wayching t with DP. First two contractions were 10 minutes apart than 2 minutes apart. Water broke an hour after first contraction it felt like a pop.
1st time,just to eat some dessert( at home) when my waters broke it was about 8.30pm.After about 17 hours of no pain relief I asked for gas which was great for a while, they gave pethidine which was useless.I asked( no, screamed ) for an epidural, 3 hours later the anathesist showed up.Several hours later the doc got the forceps out, but bubby would not budge so off to theatre we went.Brad was born 26 hours after I started labour.I hope when I read your birth story its a nice peaceful one
2nd time I was in hospital about to be prepped for a c section when I started to bleed and getting a few contractions.
3rd time no labour at all went in for a c section

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

with DD i was asleep when contractions started. they were about 5min apart when i woke up lol midwife accidentally broke my waters during my 1 and only internal

with my twins i was lying on the couch at my ILs when i felt my first contraction. they came regular at 4min apart straight away. DR popped both lots of waters (and got soaked with the DS2 waters lol)
DD - on the couch reading a book. I hadn't been able to get to sleep that night so had given up and went out and read 3 books on the couch then contractions started. Midwife broke my waters at 9.5cm dilated in hospital.

DS - I'd just got up from a nap when I started having twinges but thought nothing of it. An hour later as we were sitting at the table eating dinner I realised that the 'twinges' were very constant and increasing in pain level. My waters broke 2 contractions before DS was delivered (contraction broke the water, contraction and his head was fully out, contraction and he was all the way out).

I was messing around with dh... we were comparing our belly sizes and having a laugh as he looked just as preggas if he stuck his right out.
Then I walked into the kitchen and BAM - first contraction nearly dropped me to the floor!

My labour started off as intense as when it finished - so it was a full on 6 hours of labour from start to finish.

I dread to think how quick the next labour will be if we ever have another... antenatal classes said first labour will be a minimum of 11 hours, and a maximum of 36 hours. eep!

DS1 - labour started with him (I reckon now looking back on it) the arvo before he was born. I had the most annoying backache EVER and we got to ILs and thought to myself "wonder if I am in labour". laugh Laughed it off, went home, finished putting the nursery together and decided to do the 'test'. You might not have heard this one but we were told if you pop two panadol and have a bath and the pain goes away you are NOT in labour...well it did to bed we went. I got up to go to the toilet around midnight, the backache was back and found blood. Now because NO ONE told me that the show could be bloody of course I freaked out! Cue mad phone call to hospital where they told us we could come in. Just before we left the house my first real contraction hit.....and the 30ish minute car ride was so NOT fun. The rest of the story you already know.

DS2- you know this one too, but for the benefit of the peanut gallery I got woken from a dead sleep by a contraction and that was it. wacko He was born 2ish hours later, my waters broke just before I got in the pool and all there was before the first lot went was a 'pop' sound and a bit of a trickle (still fully dressed at this stage)...made a change from the gush with DS1. hehehehehehehehe

DD1-Woke at 6am with strong contractions 10 minutes apart, watched some movies whilst DH cleaned the house until my contractions where 5 minutes apart so I rang the hospital & they said to come in when they where closer to 2 minutes, so I put my bags in the car & had a bath, straightened my hair blink then had I had to go to the toilet iykwim after that I had another 5 baths huh when my contractions where 2 minutes apart I told Dh (who was playing playstation) it was time to go & he replied with "can you wait until I've finished this race"? I had a laugh & said No then off we went (Hospital was 30 minutes away). Arrived at the hospital & at 4am had my waters broken & a drip put in, Isabelle arrived after 25 hours of labour.

DD2-Was induced at 38 weeks as I had low fluid & baby had stopped growing. And with a very easy 4 hour labour & one push Alba was born!

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