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What were you doing when your labour/s started?? Lock Rss

I woke up at 3:45am to go to the toilet as I had been doing every night for weeks and my waters broke on the way to the toilet, most of it ended up in the toilet thank goodness! It's a strange sensation, like you're peeing but have no control over it. Contractions started an hour later and DS was born 17.5 hours after that

Is your waters breaking a yucky sensation? Must feel so strange

Its strange feeling...hmm how can i describe it... You know when you kind aget that sensation/urge to drop everything an dgo to the toilet like NOW because your about to get your period or was kinda like that....hard to describe

DD-i was due to go to the hospital at 1pm on teh 24th to be induced so DP & I thought we coudl stay up til 1am chatting as we were so excited we coudlnt sleep anyhow and thought we woudl be able to get a sleep-in in the morning before having to go to the hospital for teh induction,anyhow went to bed and laid cahtting for another 40mins before DP rolled over and went to sleep but me on the other hand couldnt,was tossing and turning,couldnt get comfy and my mind was racing! looked at the clock an dby this time it was 3am! then i felt this urge liek i needed to jump up and run to the loo,teh second i stood up out of bed my waters broke all over the floor. Had a shower and went into teh hospital aroudn 4am,was given the drip as my contractions were mild and irregular and DD had pooed meconium in my waters which ment she was in distress,several hours later she finally made an entrance into the crazy wonderful world at 2:45pm smile

Still waiting on DS arrival...
DD1 - I was playing Huggies and thought I needed to go to the toilet so ran upstairs and my waters broke on my way <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />

DD2 - I was in my mum's car on the way to go out for lunch and I heard a pop and though on no but nothing happened. About 2 minutes later I was sopping wet so we ended up having to pull over at the nearest KFC so I could go clean myself up. I hobbled in to KFC with sopping wet shorts on, still leaking, cleaned myself up a little, brought back some paper towel and tried to clean up mum's leather seats LOL.
I'd been sitting up watching TV from around 3am as heartburn was killing me. (I did this prob for the last 6 weeks of pregnacy). I was 4 days overdue and around 6am started feeling cramp like tightenings. They were coming and going and then around 8 am I went back into the bedroom hoped into bed and told DH. Couldnt get back to sleep so went and had a shower.... started getting a bloody show so knew something was up. Damm DH referred back to the notes from antenatel classes saying you could have a show a few days before.... this did not impress me!

Contractions kept getting stronger all day, DH stayed home with me JIC. He had to go to town in the arvo and get some printing from the printers so we called the hospital to see if I could get checked. At this stage contractions were maybe 5 mins apart and I couldn;t talk through them but as we were first timers we had no idea and I said to the midwife I'll go home if I wasn';t far along!

Got to the hospital and the midwife said to DH do you want to leave her here and go get your printing? thankfully he said no I'll wait to see the dr!

Dr came after half an hour as he was delivering another bub.... checked me and broke my waters with teh internal... I was 9.5cm dilated and DS was born after 3 hrs of pushing at 9pm that night smile

Goodluck GK.... everyones different!

DS1 I was doing the ironing on my due date when I had my show and the runs. Went to bed and was woken just before midnight with first contraction. Contractions were 15 mins apart until morning when they got to 5mins apart, so went to hossy, not much happening so came home - they stayed at 5 mins apart for 2 days before they finally broke my waters to speed it up. Fluid gushed out everywhere, still contracting but not getting any further so ended up with Synto and a ventouse delivery 12 hours later (60 odd hrs all up).

DS2 was woken at 4am with a large trickle (not quite a gush), got all excited thinking yay labour going to be so much quicker and better this time!!! Spent the morning shopping and wandering the streets - changing my pad every 45 minutes lol, contractions started about 2pm that day and he still wasn't born until 2pm the next day.

DS3 was overdue so went in to be induced. They broke my waters, just large trickles for a while, got the drip in and Synto started and was sitting on fit ball. Went to stand up to do something and out it all came. It just poured out lol, I was half squatting over the fit ball waiting for it to stop we were all laughing so much watching my socks become saturated lol!!! 2hr50minutes after synto started he arrived - shortest (and most painful/intense) and best labour of all 3!!

It's strange feeling coz there is just nothing you can do to stop it!!!!

With DD1 it was middle of the night so I was in bed, my waters didnt break but I got a show and mild contractions.

With DD2 she was induced so I was in hossy, again waters didnt break and ended up having an emergency caesar.

In so many of these stories labour started between 12am and like 5am??? Is this the magic time of day or something tongue

i asked my midwife this and she said labour will normally start when you are at your most relaxed so usually when you are asleep smile
DS - Was 2 days before my DD and it was my birthday and hubby and I were up late watching the Moto GP. I got off the couch to go to bed and my waters broke once I stood up. And there was no mistaking it for pee, it just gushed. Although earlier in the night I thought I had pee'd myself, and I remember thinking could pregnancy get any midwife said it was probably my forewater. Got to hosi and was 8cm dialated, he was born 5 hours after my water broke. He was 8lb 1oz.

DD1 - Was 3 days overdue and had just got home from work, and had had a S&S at lunch time. Was feeling a little funny...different is probably a better word. Started getting super light contractions at around midnight, went to hosi straight away because of quick labour with no drugs first time round, so HAD to have an epi. Got to hosi at 1am and she was born at 3.05am. they broke my water as it was hanging She was 8lb 5oz. She was also 54cm long (I am only 159cm).

DD2 - Had a bloody show in the morning then nothing till around 7pm. Got a huge contraction and off to hois as doc predicted an hour labour. Got to hosi at 7.30pm. Water broken at 9.12pm, and she was born at 9.15pm. She was totally pain free. She was 7lb 12oz.
DS1 I went into the hospital at 38+5, it was a Saturday morning coz I had woken up in a pool of blood. They kept me in for observation, and the doctor came in at 1pm the Sunday arvo said i could go home, I got up on the bed and their was a pop and I was soaked! They kept me in and at 9am the Monday morning I hadnt had any contractions, so they put in the drip at 10am, he was born at 5.46pm that afternoon.

DS2 I was induced again at 40+2. I went into the hospital for the induction, the doctor broke my water at midday, and DS2 was here at 12.46!

i just woke up didnt feel right walked a little then decided i should maybe go to the hospital as it was my due date and then on way to hospital as we live 15mins away i got a back cramp got the hospital admission desk was wheeled straight through to labour ward and within 20 minutes of being there our gorgeous girl was born 2 pushes and she was here. To close for comfort i think absolutly no warning other than a back cramp and then a contraction on first push and then 2nd one she was here look out next time we say lol
With DS1 I was 37+3 days I think. Had worked the whole day (maternity leave didnt start til friday and it was only monday) was sitting at dining table after dinner and started getting period like pain. Soon it was bad, called mum she said its braxton hicks first babies are always late, have a shower and a cup of tea. Did both but nothing helped. Mum came over and said ok not braxton hicks got to hospital around 9.30pm he was born 11pm on the dot.

DS2 - at 38+4 weeks again after dinner started getting mild contractions thought yay this is it coz DS1s labour was so short. About 11pm and only really mind contractions every 10 mins or so I decided to go to bed. In the morning contractions were 7 mins but still very slight. At noon I saw my doc, was only 2cm dialated, got a s&s. Had my waters broken at 8.30pm that night DS2 arrived at 10:54pm grin

Good luck btw Not long now smile


i asked my midwife this and she said labour will normally start when you are at your most relaxed so usually when you are asleep smile

my labour i just spoke about was morning but my other was afternoon but i had started labour in the early hours of morning and she was borning 5pm
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