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What were you doing when your labour/s started?? Lock Rss

I was playing Xbox with DH and sulking because it was 6pm on my due date and I wasn't in labour. grin Then I felt this weird cramping and ignored it but it kept coming and going. Dh timed them, they were 3-5mins apart, but I wasn't in agony (like everyone said I would be!) so DH and I went and got Nandos, ate it, then called the midwife. lol! No one believed me that I was in labour because I just had slight cramping! But it came on hard and fast and I had him a couple hours later. smile My waters didn't actually break until I was pushing though.
Yelling at the midwife that I was in labour lol. From my 1st contraction it was full on.

After 15 mis of yelling, they decided to see how far I was dilated. I was already 5cms. smile

But at the very start I was lying in the hospital bed reading. My waters broke, then the contractions started...
DS- I was 39 weeks couldn't sleep had a killer headache kept checking my blood pressure (which was high) and I knew something wasn't right by 6:30am I still had no sleep and nothing had changed with my blood pressure so off to the hospital we went. After 4 weeks of "Yes we are going to induce you..Oh no weren't not" due to blood pressure. They finally wanted to induce me after a night of NO SLEEP AT ALL. 10 am Gel...5:30pm waters were broken...12am drip...6:35am My baby boy was born smile
my baby boy was 5 days overdue when he decided to grace us with his presence.

I had a 6 hr labour..However my water did not break until just before bub was born, it's not always the first thing to notice when going into labour.
I had horrible back pain that afternoon b4 contractions started.
DD1- woke up late at night with contractions, went to the hospital and had my water broken there. She was born just after midday the next day on her due date.

DD2 - was due to be induced the next day, stayed in a motel close to the hospital that night, had contractions 10 mins apart and regular all through dinner in the restaurant,lol. DH and I had sex to help move things along (told him it might be his last chance for a while,lol) my waters broke about 5 mins after the deed,lol, scared the *** out of hubby! lol. DD2 was born after midnight (would have to look up her book to see the exact time,lol) She was born on her due date.

DD3- was induced so it all happened at the hospital. P.S....the drip sucks and is nasty! DD3 was also born after midnight. Was 3 days over according to ob's dates but on her due date according to original scan dates and following my LMP dates.

DS- I was at my parents. Mum and Dad were going to a party that night and I told them they would have to come home and look after the kids because I would be going into labour....they laughed. I started getting contractions at around 6pm, fed the kids dinner, got them bathed and ready for bed. DH rang my Mum and Dad and told them they better come home, they didn't believe him to start with,lol. Had DS early hours of the next morning around 3am. Born 3 days early, which I think a S & S had a lot to do with.
Mine wasn't all that exciting or sudden, I was in and out of sleep with pre-labour contractions from about 1am the Saturday morning then woke up thinking I ought to help labour along a bit and spent the whole morning shopping and walking on the beach, had my 'show' at about midday then spent the afternoon and evening walking, playing boardgames and watching movies til about 10pm when the movie ended and I decided we should pack the car and drive the 5 mins to the hospital, I laboured there for just over 5 hours and had DD at just before 4am. It was a very relaxing day actually lol.

Waters didn't break until she was crowning and the midwife broke them (I will NOT be letting them do that this time around though as she came out way too fast and I tore because of it.)
DS1 i had been gettin bh and slight bk pain the previous day while i was waiting to go into my antenatal told m/w about pains she thought i would go into labour today..i laughed and thought yeah right lol.. pains continued for a bit had dinner and thought i might aswell go to bed early just incase that was at 630pm lol woke up at 130am i thought something was strange i heard a big pop and quickly jumped outta bed luckly i was living with my nan at the time and she had lino flooring lol so i wasnt to worried but i grabbed a towel anyway and waddled to the toilet contractions started 40mins later then headed off to the hospital had him at 1.35pm

DS2 pains started around 5pm the day b4 the same bh and bk pain didnt think i was in labour but i was usin a counter online and there were irregular comin every 20mins they were on and off all night we were in bed watchin tv and talkin and we heard a big pop i thought wat was that lol i said hang on and waited for the waters to gush and sure enough i felt it start to come so i jumped outta bed and grabbed the towel i had placed there for when it happened..i was laughin and couldnt stop shaking it was 12.40am i was slowly gettin things together and ringing ppl..we left and dropped the boys off at my nans it was 1.20am on the way to the hospital pains were comin every 2 mins so i was freakin it was a 15min drive luckly there was no traffic!!.. got to the hospital got checked and was 8cm already and he was born at 2.03am i was in alot of pain and the gas was so crap lol.i later realised that the shakin was me goin through transition!

im a lil worried about this baby tryin to beat her brothers time lol i just hope she takes her time and atleast gives me a couple of hrs to adjust.

Mum to 4 kids
Ethan Joel William
Jake Alexander
Emmalee Scarlett
Callum John

Our 2 angels 9wk baby and Ryan Jayden 17wks.

DD1 - I was so sick the night before I went into labour. Went to bed feeling sorry for myself, woke up at 5:30am thinking I needed the toilet and when I got there I had my first contraction. A midwife broke my waters when I asked after about 17hrs and DD was born at 6:44am the next morning.

DD2 - I woke up at 2:15am thinking my waters had broken so woke ex-DF, he turned the light on and it was blood. Called my mum and she came with my sister straight away (ex didn't have his license so mum had to drive us and my sister came to stay with DD1). We were pulled over by the police about 3am lol, weren't even speeding, just a random check. I was checked then when they realised what I was losing was just blood and not my waters and blood they rushed me in for a c-section, DD2 was born at 5:05am.

sleeping - it was 2.30am and i woke with bad period like cramps. water didn't break til i was at hossy thank goodness!

second time was elective c-section.

Wow that must have been really scary! Did they know what was causing the bleeding?

Yeah I had a placental abruption, we found out a few months later I have a blood clotting disorder so they think maybe that caused it. It was very scary, she wasn't moving so we didn't think she was still alive till they found her heartbeat at the hospital and she stopped breathing for about 5mins after she was born. She's perfectly fine now though smile

Just because I am super clucky and bored...

What were you doing and where were you when your labour/s started?

Anyone have the whole waters exploding in the supermarket isle sernario?

lol :b
My water broke not at the shops but walking back from the them, just a big gush and i wasnt sure if id wet myself or my waters broke! We were in the process of moving from our flat to our new house that day (great timing!)
It was 2 days before my due date smile

I was laying on the lounge watching TV time for bed so thought id just go to the toilet to hopefully save me waking up in an hour or so. Started leaking as i got there n was sitting on the loo with just a trickle thought it was a bit strange walked the 10 steps to the bedroom n had leaked freaked out a lil woke my DP "i think my waters just broke" he rolled over n went back to sleep tongue rang the hospital and was told to go in jumped in the car quick as (forgot to take my bag n a towel to sit on)stayed in the hospital that nite induced with the drip 8am laboured all day and DD was born by emergancy c-section at 1:31am.
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