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What were you doing when your labour/s started?? Lock Rss

DD1 was induced about 7 days over I think. Went in on the Friday night, had first lot of gels, tried to sleep, then got second lot of gels next morning, then drip, then waters broken (that was the worst part) then persevered for a while before crying for a c-section just to finish it all. Got an epidural instead smile She was born at 9.47pm Sat I think...

DS was induced about 4 days over. Can't remember why exactly, but they had a trace on my tum for a while to check on him and his heart rate apparently dipped massively, so they booked me in to be induced that arvo.
He was and is fine... I reckon he just moved or something <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />

DD2 was due to be induced on the Sunday at 10 days over.
Was having some funny niggles on the Friday night and then through the Saturday.. by Saturday afternoon they were intense enough that I had to catch my breath a bit.
Went to bed, woke up at midnight with a more serious contraction.. started getting contractions every 15minutes.. this went on all night til 5.30am I was over it and called MIL to look after other two.
Went to hospital and asked for epidural straight away - was already 4cms - but it was the shift change over so he didn't come in til 7.30.
After many attempts, couldn't get it in..
Long story short, this little turkey was posterior and it was NOT a fun birth. Had some gas and a lovely morphine-based drug which did help take the edge off.. She arrived about half an hour before I was due to be induced smile

No gushing of waters.. DD1 and DS were both broken for me and DD2's broke with a contraction I think. I thought hers had broken a couple of times, because I felt some popping, but it wasn't.. weird. lol

All 3 of my labours started while I was sleeping - pretty boring huh?
With DS I woke at 8am, really needing to pee, as I stood up my hindwaters broke (so only a small amount of fluid), and contractions started an hour later.
DD1, I woke at 1:40am to a very painful contraction, and had a show.
DD2, I woke up at about 3am, needing to vomit, then contractions started soon after.

All 3 of my labours started while I was sleeping - pretty boring huh?

Same for my 5..
I think I went to bed maybe with light contractions or braxton hicks each time but it was generally hours later before I was woken with the painful ones..

All my waters were broken at the hossy by the Dr's..

DS- I was 39 weeks couldn't sleep had a killer headache kept checking my blood pressure (which was high) and I knew something wasn't right by 6:30am I still had no sleep and nothing had changed with my blood pressure so off to the hospital we went. After 4 weeks of "Yes we are going to induce you..Oh no weren't not" due to blood pressure. They finally wanted to induce me after a night of NO SLEEP AT ALL. 10 am Gel...5:30pm waters were broken...12am drip...6:35am My baby boy was born smile

That sounds like hell.
With my daughter, I was 40weeks and 8days pregnant, i was in bed, and i felt a pop and remember saying to hubby 'Uh oh, i think my water just broke' Wow did he get out of bed fast lol. I had been having contractions for about 16hrs prior to my waters braking after getting a Stretch and Sweep from the Dr to hopefully start things along. 36hrs later and my daughter was born
With my son, I was 40weeks and 5days pregnant, I was cooking dinner and i said to hubby i feel so hungry, and kept getting hunger pains (little did i know they were contractions lol) It wasnt till about 8pm i realised they were mild contractions lol. We played a game of monopoly, went to bed and i woke up around 1am, had a bath, and woke hubby to tell him the contractions were getting worse, we arrived at the hospital at 2.30am, I remember my waters breaking as i was starting to push him out (and the midwife got all wet oops) and my son was born at 5.38am (roughly 12hrs of labour)
And with my last little man, I had to be induced. They broke my water hoping that would start things along, but after 1hr nothing, so i had to have the drip and 1hr 45mins later my littlest man made his entrance (1hr 45mins of labour)
I was booked into hospital at 41 weeks. 24 hours after being admitted (and 2 inductions) I had the best hot shower ever, then as I waddled back to bed i felt a pop and thought either ive peed my pants or waters broken. Waddled bit further to buz the nurse and I swear it was an explosion I felt. So I spent the night in birth suite. Got on the drip the next morning and my contractions started around 11am, my daughter was born at 2.46pm.

I didnt get to experience the whole waters breaking at home/shopping centre etc LOL.


DD1 - went out for dinner and was feral. I mean feral. Got home and went to bed. The contractions started about 10 mins later. Had to wait for DH to sober up so he could take me to the hos. She was born 26hrs after I first noticed that I was in labour. I had heaps of drugs as i didn't dilate quick enough for her and she tore my cervix. I lost 1.5l of blood. Apparently it was choas in there. I was none the wiser... I had my little girl! SHe was 2 weeks early.

DD2 - DH had a regional final for poker and i didn't realise I was in labour! I just thought that I had some cramps. I'd been having them for several weeks. They eventually got worse and I went to hos 12hrs later from when the cramps were annoying the crap out of me! Didn't dilate enough and was stuck at 8cm for 4hrs with all the drugs. Ended up having to have an emergency c, where I heomoraged, and they ended up giving me so many drugs that I don't remember a lot! DD2 was a 30hr labour, and a whopper! She was born at 10pound 6.5ounces (just under 5kg).

And I stupidly would love to have a third!!!
[center]Caleb ~ At home watching TV
Amos ~ At home waters broke when I went to toilet contractions started an hour later
Elisha & David ~ At home watching TV
Peter & Malachi ~ In hospital they were induced[/center]

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