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Ok just now I had a guy calling me on the telephone saying he was from Windows and telling me that I have a virus problem on my computer. He asked me to open a bunch of windows on the computer but I started getting a bit suss as we haven't lived here long and we don't give this number out to did they get my number?? Is this legit? Has anyone else had this happen? I'm worried now that I'm being scammed, he didn't ask me to change any settings but we got cut off and now he is trying to call back and I'm ignoring him lol.
I remember reading on here about this a while ago, It is a scam, don't give them any information, I think they can use it to hack into your system and cause troubles.
scam scam scam.
Yep, turbo dodgerama chick

scam scam scam.

Geez I thought so, thanks guys...he's persistent, he's tried calling back 4 times now! I feel like a complete twit lol.
DON'T ANSWER! Def a scam. Have read about it on here before. How would he know you have a virus? He'd have to be on your comp. If you do answer, call his bluff.
Only someone with access to your computer will be able to tell you if you have a virus.
He's probably someone very skilled trying to get you to open up doors into your computer.. ways to access all your personal information.

Does he have caller I.D? There must be a way to report this fellow..

Yep it's a scam! I had the same phone call the other day and i asked him how he got my number and he started rubbishing on about the Internation Routing System, i told him i wasn't comfortable with this phone call and hung up. I was nearly ready to call the police. They don't have caller id either, it comes up private. I've heard it has been happening alot.
My hubby a computer tech and he said a few people he does work for got these calls and they just told them i get my computer guy to look at my computer and hang up.

It is a scam.

Yep it's a scam...It was on Sunrise the other morning. Noone from Windows will call you on the phone. They don't do that. They are trying to open up doors, so to speak, so they can hackinto your pc and get your personal and bank info. Don't do anything they ask. Get as much info from them as you can and report it to the police is what they recommended.
i had that phone call a few months ago! it is a scam. i had seen a story on the today show that very morning, so when the guy started asking me all the questions i knew straight away what it was. i actually kept him going for a while on the phone and pretended like i believed him and then i had a go at him. lol

Apparently while you're opening up all these windows, they're able to install a keyboard tracker on your computer, so when you use your banking websites, the tracker will send the keystroke information back to them and they have your login and password.

Well done for ignoring him!

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