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Just wondering what you are insured in and what you aren't that you think you should be?

I have a friend and as soon as money goes tight she cancels insurances including income protection, car insurance etc ... As much as it irrates me how expensive insurances are - it makes me more nervous at the same time of not having insurance!

I was paying yet ANOTHER insurance bill today and thinking about how often I seem to be paying the darned things and we spend a small fortune it feels like (that is using an insurance broker too)!. While we DO have income protection insurance one insurance I think we should have - but don't - is life insurance unsure

What about you??
We currently have contents(we rent), cars, and public liability other than that we have nothing. I personally think car and contents are must haves they arnt negotiable along with rent are the first things paid for each month.

Cheers Ness

House and contense,
Work cover,
The one for your house if you get sick ect....
Plus private health.

So so so much money goes out each month on this and it does shitt me but i know it will be murfeys law if we didnt have it LOL!!

I always joke to my DF when we hit a rough patch how rich we are going to be when we die!! LOL....

No but for my children's sake its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO worth it smile
It always important to have insurances up to date. I think there some stat like 1 in 100 or 50 houses are broken into but 1 in 5 suffer an injury or illness, and life and income are often the last thing we look at insuring, but the most important. I have everyting insured.
i think we have it all. house, contents, health, car, life insurance on dh, both have income protection on our supers and dh has it again on his life insurance.

i can understand why people let the insurance slide when money is tight. it is so expensive and not only do you pay insurance, you still have to pay an excess to get the insurance procedure going. how many people dont go through their insurance to fix something because of the excess and then the following rise in rebates for daring to make a claim. grrr, scummy buggers, but yes, i still pay. the day i dont is the day our house burns down.
we have life (both of us and it includes crisis cover), private health (thru DFs work) and full car coverage. to us those are the most important - once i reorganise our finances we will hopefully get contents insurance
Home and Contents
Income protection
Private health
We have:

House and Contents insurance
Comprehensive Car insurance
Mortgage protection
Income Protection for DH
Life insurance through superannuation and also a private plan
Private health insurance

We've also just taken out one of those funeral protection plan things too.

As much as there can be times where money is a little tight, we look at all of these and just imagine how much tighter things could be financially if something each of these protects/insures against happened and we didn't have the security of having the policy in place. We have some luxuries that we include in our budgeting and, if it came to the pinch financially, its those things that would disappear, not our insurance covers.

Comprehensive Car
Contents (we rent)
Private Health
Life (I'm pretty sure DH has it through his super)

So many times my MIL has asked why we bother with health insurance as it costs so much. I just tell her that it's for peace of mind mainly, just the same as all other insurances!
We have full comp on two cars, home and contents and health extras. We don't have hospital it's WAY too expensive and I'm happy with the public system. I'm starting to think that even health extras is a complete waste of money considering how much you get back! When we have some money saved I will be cancelling that one.
We have

Home & contents
Income protection (which covers the mortgage in event of death and disablement / ie inability to work)
Life - via DH's super

and will soon finally have a will organised.

I feel secure that everything is covered and organised, yes it costs but we have had our home burgled - insurance covered the lot no dramas, we use our private health and easily get more than we pay in back each year and the others are peace of mind should the worst happen.

Another thing, and it may be slightly sensitive and no one want's to think about it but I'm thinking I should take out some sort of insurance on Nikita. The reason I think about this is after my friends little girl died last year if something were to happen to Nikita (touch wood) I don't know where we would find the money for a funeral etc. I never ever ever hope it's something that would happen to us but just something I think about.

Our life insurance policy actually has an inclusion for our kids (obviously not to the same level as us but there is a payment for them in the case of life threatening illness/death). We've also recently taken out a funeral plan which covers all of us. Its depressing to think about but after having lots of funerals to go to lately it was something we decided needed to be organised.

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