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I currently only have contents insurance )I rent)and a small life insurance policy. That policy is one my Mum took out when I was a baby, at the time, just enough to cover funeral, etc JIC - all of us kids have these, they rolled over to us when we each turned 21. It's only small (I think it's about 15 or 18K now, with 25 yrs of bonuses on it) BUT the premium is something like $96 a YEAR, so I will never be getting rid of that! There's my funeral, etc if the worst happens.

Insurances went by the wayside when exDH & I split up. We had house insurance (house now gone) full comprehensive car insurance (car now gone) and joint life insurance/income protection (neither had money to keep policy when we split, so got rid of it. Now thinking I shouldn't have but really just could NOT afford it at the time)
car , house & contents, health but no life insurance ( unless dh has it with his super)

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

hand up if you have no insurance.. *hand up* mellow , for us we never saw the point in it. Other half has life insurance with work but thats it. mellow
we have everything insured and i need to go and and have my new eternity ring added to our insurence so i stop feeling so worried about lossing it when i wear it lol.
ours gets direct debit every month and we don't even miss the money going. just know its gone

i''''m baking a baby

We have...

Car insurance
Landlord insurance
Boat insurance
We have House and Contents, Car (comprehensive) and life insurance.

Its also worth looking at what your insurance actually covers, especially your contents.

Our 18th month old daughter threw her bottle at our 3 month old LCD tv and it now has a minor crack in the lcd (the screen isnt actually cracked) but it now has nice pretty coloured horizontal and vertical lines on it. Its not covered by insurance as our insurance company doesnt cover accidental breakage!! Its going to cost as much to fix as it is to buy a new one.

So we have since changed insurance companies and now have accidental breakage for anythign like tv, computer screen, laptop etc. Its costing us a little bit more for contents but we made a saving on our car insurance (for same cover) so we are actually paying $1 less a month for better coverage.

We have

Private Health
Home and contents
Pet insurance

Even when we have had the toughest of times, they still got paid.
I have car and family members insurance
I have life insurance and recently bought a car insurance 'cause not so long ago I got into a car accident. The left part of a vehicle was all in scratches. I appealed to to the local service here in Auckland. It costed me a lot of money, that's why I decided to have an insurance.
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