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GTT Fasting Lock Rss

Hi, I have had my first one and it come back high so now i have to have the fasting one in the morning.I so don't want to go . The first one made me feel sick sad .So just want to know what would be a good thing to have for dinner as i don't know what to have . Thanks for your help.Anyone help.
Oh, you poor thing. Having the second test really sucks and it takes soooo long (and yes, it made me feel ill as well - I hate sugary drinks)!
I had to have both 1st and 2nd tests with DS, and I ended up taking my laptop and working while I was waiting.
I cant remember eating anything dramatically different when I did the "diet" for the 2nd test, as it seemed to be all stuff I ate normally anyway. I think I just ate pasta for dinner the night before to fill me up enough for the morning.
I hope it goes well for you.

His Royal Highness, Prince William

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