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when you cook tea at night do u cook one meal and get the kids to eat what you are having or do you cook a separate meal for them and the adults??
(when I say adults - I live with my mum and grandmother and lil brother)

I do cook meals for the whole family, but if the adults are not particularly hungry, then I will do a separate meal for the kids so they have their meat and veggies.
I do 1 meal, but DS has decided that he is hungry about half hour earlier now, and no way I can have tea ready earlier, so lately he has been having last nights left overs (I cook a lil more for him next night). Only time I cook 2 dishes, is if we have satay due to the possible allergy factor

No resturant here, u dont like it then dont eat it
Df cooks, but the kids have what we have unless of course it's spicy then they have something different or as you sayid we aren't reallyhungry I will make kids veg or some pasta
The kids get served whatever I cook. DD1 is happy to have one bite then go to bed without dinner and I don't try to stop her, DD2 eats whatever I give her smile
DD eats what i cook and DS gets his puree.
I cook just one meal - and it's never really anything flash! I just don't have time! If they don't want to eat it, then I don't force them to - they just go hungry!

kerrie, VIC, DD 12/8/03, DD 12/10/05, DD 14/9/07, DD 4/1/10

More often than not I have to make something else for my youngest (22 months), she is a fusspot. DH, DD1 (4 1/2) and I will eat same meal.
I have been only cooking the one since DS was 12 months old.
Depending on what we are eating we all have the same here.... But if its something spicy or something the girls wont like, i make them a meal first.
I keep several meal size containers of cooked up veggies in the freezer so on the odd occasion we do have something she won't like or we order chinese takeaway smile I just pull out one of them and microwave them put some grated cheese on and then she still has her veg. Other then that I just cook one meal and she eats whatever we eat, and she eats just as much if not more then me!! smile
It depends on what we having. If it's something i know he will not eat i will make him something different. But he really good lately and wants to eat what we eat.

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