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ohh yay grin

umm i went into labour the day before my due date but before it happened i had NO signs at all. I had NO braxton hicks my whole pregnancy. I went for a long walk then got home, went toilet and had my show, then half an hour later waters broke and about an hour after that contractions started smile

good luck, it will happen for you soon, sending lotsa labour vibes your way !!!
LOL aw hun your post made me have a chuckle smile

Sorry to say that I"m not a "no signer" but I do hope things happen soon smile

Yes you were quite the opposite! Mini dude just wanted to make you work hard for it haha

LMAO that he did!!!! grin Hope to hear some news from you reeeeeeally soon smile


grin grin grin

Did anyone have NO SIGN labour was going to start and it did?? hahah because I haven't had anything! No bloody show, no engagement (not much anyway), no painfull BH's and certainly no waters breaking!

I think I am heading for 42 weeks at this rate laugh blink laugh

Wow you're so cheery for 40 weeks lol I was ready to kill anyone that looked at me wrong at the end of my pregnancies lol. Congrats on 40 weeks hope your bub is here soon though!!

with DS1 I was only 37 weeks, had worked an 8 hour day and had no signs niggles nothing. Started getting period like cramping at 7.30pm and he was born 11pm on the dot grin so yes totally possible grin

good luck!!

Oh and try sex and long walks laugh


Go for a long walk over some hills lol. Thats what i did and to be honest i dont know if it had anything to do with me going into labour but i like to think it did lol laugh
I agree with Sarah.. I was ready to kill someone at 40 weeks with Jaylah and at 39 weeks now I'm almost there again! lol

with ds I had no inclination at all that he was coming. I was an hour into my labour before I even registered that the niggles were labour lol. He didn't engage until some time in the last 45 minutes of my labour (he wasn't engaged at 2hrs 45min and was born after 3.5hrs of labour). My water's broke the contraction before his head crowned and I have no idea what happened to my mucus plug/bloody show smile

Sending you lots of labour vibes and hoping that bub comes soon for you.

Good luck G.K!! Can't wait to hear when something does happen! I was induced at 39 weeks so can't help you a great deal just wanted to say I'M EXCITED for you!! grin
Hi G, when I saw YAY I thought I'd see a birth or labour announcement lol.

I had absolutely no sign of labour with Riley until my waters gushed everywhere on my due date.

If your bub hasn't engaged and your waters break, it will likely make a big mess, do you have a waterproof on your mattress? Might be worth thinking about if you haven't already wink

All the best mate, luck luck luck, and labour labour labour xxxx

Thank you S! I must say I am waiting for you to announce that you are having another baby grin Hurry up! tongue

I wish! Cross your fingers for that too wink
Sending you some labour vibes. With DD at 36 weeks my waters broke absolutely no signs at all. Hope to hear something soon.
HAPPY 40WEEKS! You can join me in playing the over due waiting game...its lots of fun *insert sarcasum here* <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />

Go for a long walk over some hills lol. Thats what i did and to be honest i dont know if it had anything to do with me going into labour but i like to think it did lol laugh


Do not do this!!!!

Yesty we went on a massive 2.5hr treck through sand dunes,up and down very big hills and NOTHING!!!!!!
All that i got out of it was feet the size of pufer fish and bright red along with a nasty stitch blink

LOL @ your DP and his "prostaglandins" sounds a little like my DP cool

Goodluck & i hope our November bubs dont keep us in suspence too much longer! Cant wait to hear how it all goes for you smile
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