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We're going to work things out Lock Rss

We had a big talk last night. We wants to make it up to me grin He said he has been a f**king d!ckhead, that he's realised what a mistake he has made. We're taking it slow, he's not moving back in yet, we're both going to see a counsellor and we are not re-engaged. But I feel better! Thank-you everyone that has given me so much support this past month xx


I didnt post on your previous posts because i didnt know what to say, but im so glad reading this!

I really do hope things work out for you and your DD's..its good that he has admitted he was in the wrong!

Sometimes we just have to wonder what goes through guys heads!

Good luck smile

Thats great news Katie!

I hope you are able to work everything out.


That is great news. Hope everything works out great for the pair of you.

Good to hear smile Hope everything works out for the best

Thanks guys. I think it'll take some work but we should get there in the end!

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