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I need your Yes or No Answer please Lock Rss

I have also put this on fb but I would like a wider range of answers.

My 2 year old so split his chin open on a slide in a play centre and it resulted in 3 stitches. Every man hubby or I have spoken to have ALL made the same statement "Chicks Dig Scars".

So..... Do 'Chicks dig scars'

Yes or No answers please.

Is OVER rude people

Dunno if I dig them, but they are definitely a conversation starter. I can't even count how many times in my earlier years that I would go up to a guy and ask em how they got their scar, hehe.

sorry its not a yes or no answer!

Ahahah not me personally, but my 20yr old brother has been pretty busted up over the yrs and girls literally hang off him grin

So i would say some people do... the scar will probably be quite faded by the time he's old enough for girls anyways!
I think in a way it goes to the thought process that if they have scars they obviously haven't been babied and have a bit of rough n tumble about them. Or something. That's what I think anyway. Don't get me wrong, I'd probably not think the same if the scar went from ear to ear, but yeah, I think the odd one here and there just makes them seem more blokey and rugged.
cant say i dig them but i dont think a scar would be a deciding factor either way

mum to one goregous boy

Umm no, I don't 'dig' scars. I don't really even think about it TBH.
All i can say is Callan Mulvey (RUSH and Heartbreak high) I totally 'dig' him!
So that would be a yes.

All i can say is Callan Mulvey (RUSH and Heartbreak high) I totally 'dig' him!
So that would be a yes.

Ohhh yeah!!!!
DP has some decent scars on his head from a drunken run-in with a plate glass window, and to be honest I don't really even notice them.

Ben 25/10/06 + Erin 10/9/08

I dont think its i "dig scars" i think i dig the way the man carried himself, if that makes sense.

My DF has a decent scar on his face, and a busted nose from years of rugby and gridiron, and he oozes sex appeal coz he is confident in how he looks IYKWIM???

Me personally, i dig scars on men, if they are comfortable with the scars smile
I don't dig them nor are they a turn off. I don't think it would be a deal breaker if i was into someone.

Do you dig scars?
I don't think I can give a straight yes or no, sorry grin For me, it's not really a factor either way. I don't know if any woman looks at a guy & thinks, "woah, that scar's so hot" lol, but it's not a turn off either, it's just..there.

exDP has a lot of scars, but I dig him cos he's all big & manly lol, not necessarily scar related as I was into him way back when he was 16 & scar-free too (and didn't have half a skull full of metal back then either!)
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