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hi all the huggies mummies!!

i would like to announce the safe arrival of my daughter Aaliyah Allen born at 1.45am this morning...

My DF is the best! Early this morning not ony did we welcome our daughter but we delivered her together at home, had no time to get to the hospital so we had her on the living room floor laugh

such a great support and reall helped me through it so i just wanted to tell the world i love him!!!
Wow smile Congratulations on your new bub. All the best and take it easy.
congratulations grin

what an amazing story to tell her when shes older smile
Firstly, congratulations!!

Secondly, OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is crazy!! Well done to you and your partner, what an experience that would have been for you both!

Glad to hear your little girl has arrived safe and well grin
Wow! That bought a tear to my eye! Congratulations on your beautiful little girl, I hope you are all doing well & enjoying your new arrival. xox

Wow! Congratulations on the arrival of your little princess! I'm so glad you're both ok, and what a wonderful thing to have shared with your DF(though I'm sure at the time it was rather scary!). Wow!
Oh wow that's insane!! Congratulations!!! I"m so glad you're all okay and happy and healthy smile
Awwww thats amazing!
Congratulations smile

thanks for the well wishes ladies smile
she is perfect ten toes and fingers and breast feeds like she has known how to do it for years and poops and pees im ecstatic!!! Df is very proud of himself lol at the time it was scary but felt safe at the same time...

hope all the soon to be mummies pop very soon!!!

That's amazing!

Well done smile
Wow! That's amazing! Well done to you both and congrats. smile

I'm not sure my hubby would cope or know what to do in that situation... lol


thats awesome, sounds like you're all doing really well smile
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