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what are 5 things that are on YOUR christmas list for YOU??

mine are
1. packed to the rafters season 2 dvd

2. modern family season 1 dvd

3. a washing trolley

4. my sister to paint me a picture (she's really good)

5. a holiday, just me, dp and the kids.

1. Overlocker
2. Sound of Music DVD
3. ummmm
4. ummmm
5. ummmm

lol Cheers Ness

1. a WII and wii fit
2. a new washing machine (i hate mine with a passion and it just wont die!)
3. a gift voucher for a massage
4. a pandora braclet and a bead for each one of my kids
5. professional family photos
There is so much I would love to get but here is some of my wish list

1. A nice funky (matching) set which includes water jug & glasses, salad bowl & tongs
2. New joggers for work
3. Magnum PI seasons 1, 3-6
4. Seat covers
5. Voucher for facial & pedicure (gotta have something nice & relaxing on my list LOL)

No idea!! We are moving interstate at the beginning of December and we're not taking any furniture so I guess re buying everything will be my presents however we will probably make do with second hand for the first little while so it may not be very exciting.
This would be a wish/want/need list. I probably won' get any of it!

1. A new wallet-for the love of god!

2. Handbag that does NOT fit nappies, snacks, spare clothes, half a toy basket and 3 lunchboxes!

3. A cake mixer doo-hicky

4. Clothes

5. Swanky dinner set

Geez- mine are boring!

1. To win lotto
2. to visit my parents (in Tassie I'm in WA)
3. For my sister to get pregnant (she has been trying for years)
5. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

You did say wish list

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1. My dad
2, Eclipse on blue ray
3. sex and the city 2 on blue ray
4. A yummy dinner that i don't have to cook
5. I would love a dolphin ornament

1. GHD!
2. New Phone (mine has a mighty big crack on the back and if i actually ring anyone, it dies. Meanwhile DP has an Iphone.. and mine is about 3-4 years old.
3. New car?
4. Another Wii.. a black one this time!
5. ermm.. To actually get a chrissy and birthday present this year? My b'day is boxing day, and i get nada every year (apart from the year i got my Wii in November and i was bawling when i got it)
1. Perfume
2. Diamond ring
3. a few more beads for my pandora
4. 2x really big terracotta pots
5. D&G sunnglasses

1. new phone(mine cr@pped out when DS put it in the sink and turned the tap on and have been using my mums sh!tty old one since)
2. GHD
3. jewlerry
4. ummm
5. ummm

lol thats all i can think of smile id be a very happy woman if i got all 3 of those things but somehow dont think its gunna happen lol
1 - a new phone

2 - GHD laugh

3 - gym membership

4 - a dyson vaccum

5 - books grin

if i get anything but vouchers ill be surprised
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