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The Impact of Alcohol & Drugs Rss

Great Aussie Ad Campaign!

This needs to be passed around to everyone who has the keys to a vehicle.

This is about drink driving and I warn you now that this clip is quite distressing, graphic and upsetting BUT more importantly it is very powerful!!!
Wow!!!! I'm speechless......
Oh gosh that was so hard to watch sad

Is this going to be shown on TV?
that is a very powerful piece of advertising. i really hope it is shown on tv, in the appropriate time slots.
omg. speechless with tears streaming here!

omg its so scary!
accidents can happen sooo fast! we had one today we rearended another car, luckily no one was hurt and we have insurance, and there was definately no drugs or alcohol involved, and my dad was driving and he has like 35yrs driving experience, was just a case of hitting the brakes when there was some oily water on the road and skiiiiiiid bang. so scary and just brings it home how fast things can happen.

drink/drug driving has to be one of THE most stupid things anyone can do
sad and yet so many people do it. i hope this add is shown, and i hope it is seen, and that it affects the people who it needs to affect to stop them drink/drug driving.

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