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I am a bloody idiot.... Lock Rss

All these annoucements and I could not help myself, I had only been to the loo once today so I went in and POAS....... and I got the faintest of faint 2nd lines ever.... no faint isn't the word.... 'barely there' would be more appropriate...... so now I have NFI whether I am or not and I will have to wait til thursday to get another one, I am thinking faulty test as I have not used that brand before (crystal clear is the brand)

GRRRRRRR at myself

They are the only ones I've ever used & they were always accurate for me.

Barely there is still a possible hey? Don't they say a second line, no matter how feint is still a positive? Not sure, been a while since I've ussed them.

Good luck & hope you are. grin
i have used crystal clear before and got a very faint positive, after getting a very clear positive on a first response. i think those tests aren't as sensitive as the first response ones. sounds like it is congratulations then!!! grin grin grin

Sounds promising to me! So funny, I just did exactly the same thing, no faint line here sad
I got a BFP on a crystal clear before I got a BFP on a First fingers crossed!
I am going tho say CONGRATS anyway because I think a positive is a positive is a positive smile

When I tested with DD1 the line was so faint I said to DH 'Is there a line there or can I only see one because I want one to be there?' Is was squint-your-eyes-and-look-on-a-particular-angle kind of faint.

Congrats again!
I faint line is still a positive!

You can't get the second line to come up unless you have the pregnancy hormone in your wee....


Stay positive Jess & just wait til might be very pleasantly suprised! Fingers & Toes are crossed for you xx

I used crystal clear and i didnt get the clearest of lines but a line is a line, so i think it might possibly b a congrats.
Fingers crossed for you Jess!!
Oh hun that's massively exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna get in early with the congrats cos a line is a line grin

Sette, fingers crossed that it's just too early for you smile
I have everything crossed for you! It's your turn !!!!!
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