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I am a bloody idiot.... Lock Rss

oh wow Jess how awesome!
incredibly frustrating but awesome! LOL
a line is a line, faint or not and i got my BFP with DD using crystal clear if i remember correctly!
Yep a line is a line
Im going to say congrats smilesmilesmile
Congrats here from us too!!!!!!!!!!!! A line is a line hun!!

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

Congrats here from us too!!!!!!!!!!!! A line is a line hun!!

Oh Jess I will prey it is a BFP for you hun...test again tomorrow, I had troubles with evaporation lines with Crystal Clear so to be sure try again with FMU tomorrow....all the best, I will be watching this space hun!!!
I hope its a positive!! But oh no, does this mean another stealth mission to the chemist/supermarket for a different brand test? Break out the trenchcoat again!
Just wanted to say that i had trouble with evap lines with that brand too. BUT, i am hoping that this is your BFP. Looking forward to hearing the result. Good luck smile
I'm gonna say congrats too...a line is a line. More likely false negs than false pos...Keep us posted.
and just wanted to add your not an idiot. I am a major testaholic so i know how you feel.

Each time i buy one i set a date when i will do it and ALWAYS ending up doing it earlier forcing me to buy another one lol smile
I'm a bit obsessed with POAS so if i thought I saw a positive I always got DH to look at it too. I think if the man can see it its must be there! I've sworn black and blue that there was a line when there wasn't really.

Goodluck, what a hard 4 days it will be!
Oh wow that is exciting! But frustrating too I bet. I was a serial tester when we were trying and hated waiting for that really faint line to turn into a nice dark BFP. I feel your pain lol Good luck for the next test!!!

Wow so many preg mummies on here atm must be something in the water grin


Certainly you are not an idiot, a bit over-excited perhaps, but an!
This is going to be the longest 4 days (well 3.5 now) of your life wink

But as everyone else has said, a line (albeit a squint-turn-your-head-and-go-crosseyed one) is a line. There are many more false negatives than there are false positives, so.....................Congrats in advance!

His Royal Highness, Prince William

Thanks guys, my hopes are not up though, I knew I should have waited sad
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