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I am a bloody idiot.... Lock Rss

Best wishes to you, you are so amazing! I wish for you to get the result you want, you deserve it! Sending you lots of baby dust**~**~**

thankyou you are a sweetheart wub

HPT aside what other symptoms do you have? Hows your sense of smell? Do you have achy hips? Red palms? I found these dead giveaways before Id tested. Do you have any repeating early signs that you had with your other pregnancies?

GL, hope its a BFP all the way.

See I do...... but they are also AF type symptoms.... sore boobs, achy tum and hips..... bloating.... emotional... peeing heaps etc......
though my sense of smell has increased which could be anything and I can't get enough beetroot unsure LOL But no I am really not getting my hopes up now.....
you are so up the duff!

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