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Help! - piercings Lock Rss

I got my nipple pierced 8/9 months ago and since this has now gone past the healing time, I would like to be able to remove the piercing, but I can seem to get the piercing off!

Has anyone come up with solutions to getting barbel balls off piercings for the first time???
very carefully! unsure

they are usually done up super tight so if you get too stuck it might pay to visit a piercer and get them to do it for you.
You'll need some pointy nosed pliers to put inside the ring and gently and carefully stretch it open. It might be easier if you get someone else to do it.

Good luck!
i was going to suggest pliers if its is a ring. my belly ring was a ring with the bar bell ball joining it closed and i had to use pliers to open it. if its an actual bar bell though, it should just be a matter of unscrewing it.
I had this problem then one day i thought id try to do it in the shower and it come off so i dont know if it was the hot water that helped or if it just decided to come off iitself bu tu could just give it ago.
Get a pair of thin latex gloves as they make handling jewellery SO much easier and you can grip it nice and tight without slipping.
If it is a bal closure ring you need to widen the ring to release the ball, pliers can be good for that.
If it is a bar you should be able to loosen one ball with gloved hands. If not then use the pliers to grip one ball and use your hand to twist the other.
Make sure your turning the ball to the left to undo.

Hope it helps smile xxxxxx
get some extra fine sandpaper, tear into two small strips and use this to grip the balls on either side. it works just like those rubber thingys to help remove the lids of bottles, lol
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