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Is 2 under 2 that hard? Lock Rss

I had my first 2 16 months apart. I really struggled. My DH worked away doing 2 weeks at a time and one week home, and it was exceptionally hard....2 in nappies, BF one while spoon feeding the other, both screaming/waking in the night at the same time (or worse one after the other). The first year of my DS2's life is a complete blur to me (he is now 7) I have only photos to remember things by as I just don't have specific memories. I look back and wonder what we were thinking. I know lots of people say they love it, and at the time I told everyone that I did, but with the benefit of time passed and 20/20 hindsight, it sucked. Sorry, that's not what you want to hear. The truth is, only you know what will happen. It depends on the baby too. I got a shocker for my 2nd. If he had been a good baby, things may have been different.

There is 5 years between DS2 and DD. THAT is the gap that I reckon is the best, for me and for my family smile
My 2 boys are just over 18 months apart, and I was a single mum when DS2 was born!!

In all honesty, i find it harder now that they are 4.5 and almost 3!

Ds2 was a dream baby, he slept, self settled and was so easy going! A dream after DS1 who didnt sleep, never learnt to self settle (til we went to sleep school when I was 6 months preg with DS2).

NOw that they are a bit older, seeing their bond is amazing (im an only child, so never knew what to expect!), they fight over toys and the usual stuff, but they are so close and protective towards each other. When DS1 is at kinda, Ds2 is constantly "where is DS1, i miss him, when is he coming home" etc, and DS1 is the same when Ds2 goes to his dads.

I have 17 months between DS1 and DS2. DS1 is a very placid child, and was never "clingy". He's very laid back and when DS2 was born it wasnt hard because of DS1's personality. He is a very patient child and well i LOVED the age gap. DS2 was a clingy child but we got through thanks to my gorgeous DS1. And now they are older DS1 keeps DS2 in line so to speak. They always play together and it's great.

In all honesty theres no way I could have the age gap I did between DS2 and this baby because DS2 has been so full on, it's only now he's getting older that he's becoming less full on. I only got through the first year with DS1 being such a breeze so there was more time for DS2 which I hated.
DD was a couple of weeks off from 2.5yrs when i had my twins - it was hard at first but you soon learn how to juggle everything and you become super organised lol

DD adjusted a lot better then i thought she would, which helped alot. i included her in the pregnancy as much as possible and got her to 'help' me with the babies

although things are definately alot easier now that DD is at kindy 3times a week and that the boys are mobile but i am not looking forward to them walking properly lol

We have 14.5mths between our boys (planned)

it is awesome!!! The first 6 mths were the hardest - it was easier to stay home than venture out wink

mine are now 5 and 6 and the best of mates! They have the same interests and 'grew up' together so they are sooooooo easy right at the moment! Def worth those early few mths of pain smile
I think it really depends on your attitude.

If you're the sort to just get on with it and go with the flow, then 2 under 2 isnt that hard.

I fell pregnant with dd2 when dd1 was nearly 6 months old.

Personally I found the pregnancy second time round that much harder than actually living with 2 under 2.

DD1 wasnt yet walking so I was heavily pregnant and still carrying around a 10kg 14 month old. She also used to wake for hours on end every night so sleep was non-existent but she did finally get into a good routine about a month before her sister arrived, but by then my pregnancy was so painful I wasnt sleeping anyway.

As I said, for me the pregnancy was worse and once DD2 arrived it wasnt too bad.

There were definately nights where we didnt sleep a wink and we seriously questioned our sanity, but once we got past the 3 month mark it became really easy and "normal".

My girls play so well together most of the time and I can hardly remember a time when I didnt have both of them.

The best piece of advice I can give is.... Coles/Woolies online!!! grin
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