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Ringing Bigpond tech support and getting the automated service trying to help me solve my problem, the computer says 'say continue when you are ready to go to the next step' so for the next 5 minutes I am screaming continue into the phone and the damn thing isnt listening to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually Telstra in general sucks dead......well you know how that goes!!

Oh boy, don't get me started on Telstra!!!

After 10 months of incorrect accounts & every month, after receiving the account, I'd spend up to an hour & 1/2 on the phone to them with the guarantee that it was all sorted out.

Next 2 bills (everything takes two billing cycles apparently), nothing sorted.

I documented everything with dates, times, names, call reference numbers & took it to the Ombudsman.

Suddenly our account issues were dealt with & we have been in credit now, for all the overcharges & stuff ups, for nearly 12 months.
I hate it when people drive really slow on the left shoulder if the road because they have nffi where they are going and expect you to know what the hell they ar doing cause they don't ggggrrrrrr living in a very scenic touristy area this happens daily!
People in shops who want to walk around my kids and put their hand on my kids heads as they walk by, I want to slap their heads when they do it don't touch my kids dammit!
Gunnas, you know people who say I'm Guna do this and I'm guna do that but they do sfa!!
Man that feels good thanks:)
people who park over the foot path so that i have to push the stroller out onto the road to get around them angry angry

i also hate people who dont move out of the way for pushchairs/strollers
My pet hate is people smoking in the car- even their own cars! I cant help but think OMG HOW GROSS- even if the window is down, i cant help thinking that that smoke is getting into every crevis of the car, in the persons hair, clothes etc etc.
I know- it doesnt effect me in any way whatsoever but it annoys me!! tongue laugh

People that don't RSVP to events...GRRRRRRR!!! & people who are consistantly late angry

SPITTING - I really cannot handle it - it is such a disgusting habit and there is no need for it EVER!!
Freeloading family who come to stay and don't open their wallets for basics like bread and milk!! Sh!ts me to tears!! Hello! We are not rich and cannot afford to feed two extra adults 3 meals a day for weeks on end!!! GRRRRRR!!

let me just add, I really hate other names for pregnant
up the duff
with child
bun in the oven
sprogged up
knocked up
in the family way
on stork watch
eggo is preggo
in a fix
in the pudding club
in her condition
etc etc etc!!!!!!!!!!!!

My beautiful DH tells people I am back on the breeding program or in calf
OHhhh how long do we have?? lol

- Drivers you seem to have forgotten where the INDICATOR is located in there car!!! HELLO, THEY ARE THERE FOR A REASON. USE IT!!! Specially if they drive round and round a roundabout without the indicator on but when they exit the roundabout, they then indicate off!! WTF!!!

- People in the supermarket who block up an aisle and when i walk up to try and get past, they look at me and move an inch..... umm im 37 weeks pregnant! i cant squeeze through a tiny gap!!!! And when i try and subtly bump them, they give ME death stares! Grrrr.....

(ok only 2 more i promise LMAO)

- Cling Wrap... Im sorry but i find it bloody useless! All food i have goes into either containers or ziplock bags. I dont have the patience to fiddle and try and unwrap it and all it does is scrunch up and stick to everything you DONT want it to stick to. LOL

- And finally....... non-retracable seatbelt (the ones in old cars) LMAO i hate getting into an old car with those seat belts and i get so angry at the seatbelt LOL

Ok *phew* my rants over LMAO thanks for reading smile

When you call an organisation and you can't get to speak to a real person, they only have automated especially LARA on Vodafone, OMG she is the most annoying thing ever!! angry angry

i would rather LARA or any automated message than someone from god knows where with an accent ringing me and trying to talk to me when i cant understand a word they are saying, or ringing a company and no one speaks english. (like telstra or centerlink)

i really really hate washing up dishes! i hate putting my hands in the water it makes me feel sick yuck.

i hate when dp works nights there are always 50thousand weird creepy little noises but when he's home theres nothing

voice to text messages on the phone...

cold dishwashing water yikkie

hair in the bath tub

dh leaving his crap everywhere

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