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ahah this is funny tongue

Um for me..People who chew gum with their mouth open. Were we born in a barn people?

Clingwrap head nearly explodes trying to get it off and then when I finally do it sticks to everything and ends up rolled into a tiny bloody ball.

Telemarketers - I'm sorry I know people say they are just doing their job but honestly if you are going to sell me something speak SO WE CAN UNDERSTAND. Plus I don't have the time to be told about useless crap.

People who just stop all of a sudden in front of you when your walking to start a conversation or look at something and take up all the room.

um a whole lot more but if i keep going I reckon it would take up about 10 pages lol
I have one like Sarilari with the pregnancy ones..

I hate when couples say 'WE'RE pregnant'
No your not.. SHE'S pregnant, YOU just contributed..
I hate people who dont do the speed limit. People who brake then indicate before going round a corner. People who indicate after pulling into the turning lane. I hate ringing organisations would rather go in and speak face to face. Hate being left on hold as I get into the music they are playing and then forget what Im calling about if its been awhile. Oh and on the topic of getting into the waiting music I hate hate hate when you get into the song and they break into it with 'we apologise for the wait, you patience is appreciated' argghhh
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