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what is everyone having for lunch ?? Lock Rss

Lunch? I haven't even had breakfast yet!!!! How slack am I? And I'm not even hungry! Not sure what that's about.... I bet I feed the kids lunch before I even think about eating!

Mum2ronjam..... give that crap the boot. It is not good for you! You may loose wieght, but it will only be temporary. That's been my experience. I'm seeing my Dr about weight loss and he will be giving me a metabolic booster as my diet is good. Good luck with it tho!

I have PM'd you smile
We had left over lasagne form dinner last night and the kids had some fresh fruit salad as well

I'm having a cheese and vegemite sanga on helgas bread. YUM!

Party pies & chips unsure It's raining & I'm lazy & down in the dumps so when DS asked for pies, I said yes smile He's had fruit & yoghurt today so not too bad for him. Me on the other hand..ah well, I'll start losing weight tomorrow... mellow
Maybe some Chicken Nuggets with tomato sauce or a pie with sauce... Gotta go shopping soon!!!! I've been waiting for DF to come pick me and DS up for lunch and take us to the Lunch Box and eat a yummy Schnitzel Burger yummo.......... I cant wait <span class="emoticon grin">grin</span>
I had a cup a soup with 2 pieces of bread and a few jatz biscuits before that when the kids were eating. May have a diet coke in a few minutes, mmmm bought it yesterday (such a treat for me)
Heinz chunky soup beef n curry yummy with bread to dip into it and yummy watermelon that im totally loving right now.
I made some herb & garlic crumbed chicken tenderloins last night (mainly for DS) and im going to have some, as there is heaps, on a wrap with lettuce, tomato, cucumber with ranch dressing smile YUMMMMMMMMMM!!!
Homemade Sushi for me & DD1 today smile

We were at chipmunks(indoor playground thingy) and I had hot chips and coke yummo grin

Oh my gosh! I sound like a complete creep but were you at the cranford street one?? Cause I was there with my friend today and there were two chicks next to us eating hot chips & coke! One had a beautiful little baby. And thinking about it now, i'm sure your boy was there, cute little thing he is smile

I sound like a stalker lol

i had salt and vinegar smith chips on a buttered bread roll far out it was delicious... hows that for a nutritional meal LOL

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