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How did you "discover" huggies? Lock Rss

I found it by chance just looking on the website but it took me ages to build up the courage to actually write in here haha

I found it when I was googling foetal development. I used the week by week for a while and baby name finder. I was avoiding study one day and found the forum on one of the tabs.

I didn't post for ages either..... only recently I have really started posting.

the website was on the box tongue
A box of nappies
found something interesting on the nappy box, so checked the site

I joined on mums computer once when they had a giveaway then I got a omputer and I joined to claim the play mat I think it was and I was looking around aimlessly one day after I had lost my baby and discovered the forum.... that was 3.5 years ago
I found it on the nappy box also. tongue
I found it when I was on the website getting a free sample of toilet trainer nappies

on the back of a huggies pack many moons ago

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

i have twins [who are now 10], and someone sent me a link to a post that a member had posted up about 'the life of a mother with twins' and she very funnily wrote about her daily routine. Little did i know at the time i was pregnant again with our DD 2.5 years ago. Took me ages to actually post something though!

A box of nappies

Same for me too tongue
I joined when I was pregnant with DS1 after googling info about pregnancy and coming across the website, I didnt join the forum until just after DS2 was born though.
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