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How did you "discover" huggies? Lock Rss

Absolutely no idea. Then again I'm fairly brain dead at the moment. I might remember one day
I have no idea how I originally found the site but I signed up just after having dd and then forgot about the site smile. A few months later I 'discovered' the site doing an internet search and decided I'd sign up. Put in my email address and got told I was already a member smile.

When I started I only posted in a few threads in the baby section but once DD was getting to be about a year old I discovered General and haven't looked back since smile

it seems like such a long time ago now.... i think i was using it to follow fetal development as well, when i was pregnant with DS1 and then i started reading the pregnancy posts and after a while started posting. now i think i spend too much time on here lol!!

I found it by accident while looking on the website, iv come and gone a few times now!
thru google when i was trying to find a chat site for single parents smile took me ages too start posting and even now i have to force myself to post something lol
a friend of mine told me about the website when i was pregnant and i discovered the forum from there.
I honestly have NO idea lol. It was about 4yrs ago when DS was around 4mnths old. I've sorta come and gone since then...
You're asking me to think back a long time! (13.04.2007 was when the site was redone not my original joining date) I have a feeling I was just googling things that were going on in my pregnancy and kind of just stumbled across it.
i found it while i was googling due date calculator

I think my sister told me about it - that was about 6 years ago before my DS was born on the old huggies website. Then they changed the site and I hated the format and lost all my posts etc so I stopped coming - then I came back and later discovered my son had special needs so it was to painful to come so I quit again - then I came back when I got pregnant with my third bubba not long ago and here I am smile
I claimed the free car tent back when Jayden was a baby and often wandered through the site until I found the forum one day.

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