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Would you let your DH... Lock Rss

move in with a single, fairly attractive woman on the other side of the country for 5 months who also happens to be a complete stranger?

It really doesn't bother me, DH will be staying in share accommodation because it is cheaper for us as we are still paying rent here until the lease runs out at the end of April. I trust DH and I very much doubt he would do anything while away from his family but....

the amount of people telling me they wouldn't let their husbands go at all has surprised me. My MIL even gave DH a lecture about the sanctity of marriage and how she would kill him if anything happened while he is away from us lol.

So would you trust your husband in this situation?
i would as i trust my husband, it would only bother me as he would be away from me and my family for so long.

i would trust him wouldnt trust her . and i doubt id put him in a situation like that same as he wouldnt want me living with some guy for 5 months . having said that if its what we needed to do then we would do it . if there was any other option we would take that .

Trust your instincts.
My partner had to work on and off overseas for a year. Gone for 3 months back for 2 weeks.
We had only been together for 6 months when that happened.
But I trusted him. Never had an ill feeling that he was cheating or anything. If you trust him then don't second guess yourself because that is when doubt starts to settle in.

I totally trust my DH. There wouldn't be an issue about him sharing like that because he wouldn't put himself into that situation. He would feel uncomfortable & would stay in a pub instead.
I would trust my hubby but not the women.
If you know your hubby will do nothing you got nothing to worry about.

Nope! I wouldn't personally. 5 months is a really long time. U don't know her and neither does he.

But, I am sure if your DH moved in and found that she was doing or saying things inappropriate, that he would not tolerate it. It's not like he will move there and there will be no option to look elsewhere if it's not working out.

I wouldn't listen to others if you are comfortable with it. He has enough sense about him I am sure!
no i wouldnt. not because i dont trust him or anything but because his place is with me. i could not be separated from my dh for that long.
no i don't think i would be comfortable with it. I have just started trusting my DF again so something that long and far away wouldn't go down well with me. Plus i most definately would not trust the other woman. ANd also the same as mumto2T's, His place is with me and his child.

But these are just peoples opinions and everyone has different relationships, gone through different things. If you feel comfortable letting him go then that is solely your decision and no one else's. I think that it is great you can trust your husband in that sort of situation
anyway she may have a boyfriend or something

also just say to him that if he wrecks your family for a fling he will lose his family its that simple.... but also if he was going to stray he prob would have done it by now
It depends of your DH. I know that mine would never do that to me and his family. Seeing as you're pregnant and have two little ones, I'd say he's a top notch family man and would never do anything to jepardize it. I wouldn't even mention it to him. You trust him and you know him best.

Hope that helps,
hmmm.. as non-jealous as I am I probably would discourage it. I wouldn't have a hissy over it and stop him if that's what he'd decided he'd do - but I just don't think the temptation is worth it. You never know what could accidently happen if they decided to have a couple drinks while watching tv one night! As much as I trust my dh.. I don't trust other women, and I've met some who don't give a damn if he's married or not.

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