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Would you let your DH... Lock Rss

i would let my DF smile ignore what others say about the situation, all that matters is how you and your DH feel about it

if and when me move to WA DF may have to go over without us first so we will be seperated for a couple of months sad its going to suck but if we want to get ahead and give our kids a better life we dont have much choice.

good luck with the next 5mths
I would 100%

You have to do the best thing for the family and if it's a short term absence then thats what you have to do. 5 mths is a drop in the ocean in the grand scheme of things.
I would have to agree with the girls who trust their DH's and not the women. I know a lot of girls that wouldn't care whether a bloke is married or not and will do whatever it takes to get them. It's more of the fact that he and you don't know who this chick is either. In saying that when my DP and I were a couple of months into our relationship I moved in with one of the blokes from work and my DP didn't have a problem, but we all knew eachother.
Yep i agree with others, id trust my DP but not the women.

Can you try find something else??
I trust my husband but I wouldnt be keen on this arrangement, and I'd be asking why cant he share with a bloke. Surely this is not the only accommodation available.

I think no matter how much you trust your partner or how much of a "family man" they are... people dont have affairs because they dont love their kids... time, distance and opportunity & lonliness are the big factors... and most men who have affairs do still love their partners.
I 1000% trust my husband but I dont think I would let him be in this situation. I just think it is not wise to do this to yourselves.

I totally wouldn't trust other woman.
I wouldnt let my DH do it i think i would be wondering when he got back,then what if he has a drink or she does but at the end of the day its whats best for you and your family you know him we dont i didnt think my ex would cheat on me.Hope it all turns out in the end have you look at anywhere else he could stay why with her.
No way!!!! My partner works away from home, and if he suggested this to me,he would loose some teeth. lol
I completly trust my DP, we have been together nearly 1/2 our lives, but I would not have him in this situation. Surely this is not the only share house in the state?
No way. I am a jealous person and I know I would constantly be stressing that something would be going on. I trust my husband but men are men right?

Ok picky, I know,lol, but I don't like the wording of the question...would you let your DH? the whole idea and deciding is up to one person. I don't 'let' my husband do things, I don't give him permission, I'm not his mother...

We are a partnership so it would be a joint decision and during the decision making process we would discuss any concerns together and come up with a joint plan and a decision as a result.

My husband and I have had discussions about him working away from home doing FIFO work or DIDO work, living in single person accommodation or mine camps and we don't want to do it now or in the future for our own reasons, mostly because we like each others company so much and because we have young children and it is important to us to have DH home each night and on weekends where possible (which in our case, it is).

In regards to males and females sharing....

Some mine camps around here are known for the cheating that goes on in them, it is rife! Lonely and drunk men and women co-existing has led to many affairs in the camps around here and many subsequent divorces. I'm not saying every person who lives in share accommodation cheats though...other people manage just fine without cheating.

If you and your DH have discussed the idea and you are both happy with the arrangement then I would tell other people that you both think it is a practical solution in the short term and that you are happy with that decision.
I would, DH has never given me any reason to not trust him.

I do find it interesting the number of posts that say they would trust their partner but not the women.

I would, DH has never given me any reason to not trust him.

I do find it interesting the number of posts that say they would trust their partner but not the women.

As I've read through everyones replys, I like liannal find this interesting too.
So if put in a 'situation' with another women coming on to your man, would you trust your man to walk away? Or do you think he may stray? When the cats away and all that...and men are known to be bad for cheating more than women.
The reason I ask is I've been in similar situations with my ex and other women, and yeah, I really trusted him.

I trust my DF and although he is a completely different man to my ex, there is no way I'd let him live with another women across the other side of the country!
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