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Would you let your DH... Lock Rss

I don't trust women.... every single time we have been out dh will have women come on to him regardless of whether I'm there or not. It surprises me most when I am there, we both have wedding rings and they still don't care. AND he tells them he's married and they STILL don't care.

It's interesting to watch - hubby and I both don't care if each other flirts, as long as each other is honest about it.

I had a friend of a friend proposition my hubby because she was divorced and bitter about marriage and just didn't care.

[quote name='sue&keanu' date='15 November 2010 - 02:40 PM' timestamp='1289792419' post='2847127'] So if put in a 'situation' with another women coming on to your man, would you trust your man to walk away? Or do you think he may stray? When the cats away and all that...and men are known to be bad for cheating more than women. I would trust my DP not to stray. I have seen him flirted with, and its a cross between his eyebrows being raised and a snarl, lmao. I'm not so fussed about the 'act' lust is lust, but if he was to actually find another womens personality appealing, that would be the beginning of the end.
Well I haven't been back on since I posted this lol and honestly didn't think I would get so many replies.

DH and I talked about it, it is the cheapest share accommodation available atm and we really need to save as much money as we can for the move in April.

My DH has been cheated on in the past and knows how damaging it is so I have no concern about him cheating at all and he rarely drinks so the whole "you never know what could happen after a few drinks" doesn't concern me either.

I just found it strange that our close friends were saying no way I wouldn't let my DH go at all. I still can't believe how many people responded similarly to that as well.

DH and I always talk things over like this and consider it to be a short term loss for a long term gain IYKWIM.
I would have no worries at all for my DH to be in this situation. Even if said female had designs for DH they would quickly disolve after sharing a house with him. He is messy, lazy, farts, burps and likes to walk around naked. So I think only a woman who truly loves him (like me) would put up with this laugh and still fancy him.

I trust my DP but i do NOT trust other women. Ever.
My DP has this aura or something that attracts woman who see him in a good relationship with me and how well he treats me and they get jealous and try to make moves on him.

Unfortunately DP is oblivious to it, but all my family comment on how charming he is and ive had to beat a few women away.
I trust my dh, he's never given me reason not to trust him. BUT then i know numerous people who trusted their dh 100% and their ex dh cheated on them. Many of these people i have been totally blown away!! Dh has seemed like a great dh and dad blah blah blah. I now say i can only trust myself. That doesn't mean i don't trust dh!

Will you see each other in that 5 month period? There is not only sexual relationship with this stranger that could possibly happen but what happens if they were to totally hit it off? Yeah this is probably a long shot but still a possibility. Lets face it stuff happens ALL the time. Not having a go but what makes your dh so different to all the other great devoted dh's that do end up cheating? I'm not saying he will but if you play with fire you could get burnt.

So in answer to your question no i wouldn't let my dh but it would be a joint decidion and to be quite honest he wouldn't feel comfy in that situation anyway.
I trust my husband 100% and I know that even if she did make a move on him he would have the strength to say no... BUT I couldn't cope without him for 5 months, he is my rock and I think I would fall apart not being with him for so long... so I dont think I could handle that situation.

i would trust my hubby, but i guess im a little different from alot of other women who arnt married to an army guy, who can spend 8 and a half months on deployment in another country. trust is what has keep us together for 11 years i think... guess you can almost see it as a test of your marriage or something... also sometimes life cant always be comfortable, sometimes we are faced with challenges that test all of us at times, and we never know if we dont try ay smile

good luck! xo
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