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It's a.............. BOY!!!!!! Lock Rss

So 20mins after being on huggies last night talking about me being induced I went into intense labour... Contractions were very constant from the get go with minimal break in between. Raced to the hospital (got pulled over by the cops in the process even tho we live half a km away) got to hospital just in time to deliver bub. Fully drug free, no tears or stitches and only 50mins from 1st contraction to the end.

Had a beautiful baby boy named Zack Frederick weighing 9pd 13oz, 57cm long, 36.5cm hc. Born at 11.07pm 15/11/10. Couldn't be anymore happy about the outcome and so happy that he picked his own birthday, even if it was last minute.

Thanks for all the labour dust last night... It definately worked!!

Holy crapsticks!!!!!

Congrats on the safe arrival of baby Zack! What a BIG baby! gasp

Well done!!! Enjoy your little man smile wub

Congrats on the very quick birth of you baby boy!

Glad it all went naturally and they way you wanted it!
Congrats on your baby boy! What a fast labour! Hope you didn't get a speeding fine smile
Awwww congrats!!!! smile xxxxxxxxx
so pleased to hear you went naturally and not induced grin
What a quick entrance into the world lol
Well done and congrats smile
I can't wait to see a pic

Congratulations Beck!!
Congrats on a perfect
Congrats smile Glad it all went smoothly for you!

Congratulations and well done on the very quick and safe arrival of Zack Frederick (our DS's middle name is Frederick too (well actually it's William Frederick after 2 of his gfathers grin )

Hope your troop is enjoying the newest addition.. smile

wow Congratulations smile

I have always loved Zack for a boy - strong and short wink
Congrats smile What a quick labour!! awesome that you didn't have to be induced.

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