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What breed of dog do you have? Lock Rss

I had a friend who worked in adoptions at the RSPCA, not quite pick a dog and take it home kinda of thing- i think you go on a list of preferances and i think the adoption officer will asses whether a certain breed/dog will work well in your family.
Im guessing this is similar to what you had to do?

We just went and had a look today. I just asked the lady if she thought they are a good breed for a family and she said about training them. I wanted to come home and do some research and make sure that it was something that we definately wanted. I told DH if he's still there when we make up our mind then it is ment to be. I had a look on the rspca website and saw that they sometimes go to the home and do checks. I know that having a dog is a long commitment so I want to make sure that i have done all the research and wanted to get some other opinions

We have a Golden Retriever and she is such a big softy! Her and DS (almost 1) LOVE each other so much and play together everyday its so cute!

I grew up with labs so thats another breed Id recommend smile
we have a lab x with springer spaniel which apparently is one of the best breeds to have with kids......

she is one year old now and is fantastic with my son my 3 year old and my 12 week old

the only problem with her is she is greedy greedy greedy!!!!!! will steal food from the kitchen we have to make sure everything is away

would trust her with all the kids.... and put her outside when i have a shower for her being overloved by my daughter.....
We have a Kelpie x Blue Heeler she was 2yrs old when DD was born. She was excellent and we never had a problem with her. Kelly think Dd is her "meals on wheels"! Loves her! We have since had DS and Kelly is still very good. She is now 5yrs old and knows her place in the family. We did prepare her for children as well pulled her tail etc. We have had no troubles and are looking forward to our children spending quality time playing with her. smile
We have 2 pure bred Samoyeds, I can't speak highly enough of them!! They are 11 months and 6 months and DD is 2.5yrs... They are medium size dogs, both weigh in at 17kgs (both fully grown already) and neither of them has ever jumped on DD, knocked her over or anything... They need quite a bit of attention, so you need to have time to spend with them each day, plus they need at least an hrs walk every day otherwise they get a bit restless grin They also need brushing every day few days as they are so fluffy. Very friendly, happy, easily trainable dogs with such warm personalities. I have no drama leaving DD outside to play with them (not that I'm ever far away when she's out there!), oh and they LOVE water!! So if you had the time for them they make great family pets, very loyal, good watch dogs etc... They only downside is the price tag hahaha

Hope you find a puppy to suit your family smile

We have 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. They are consistently listed as the best breed to have with children and I couldn't agree more. Our 2 put up with a lot from our 3.5 year old and his little friends. You can pull their tales, ears, play with their food and they just sit there and tolerate it. If they've had too much then they will get up and leave. They've never snapped in the 7 & 8 years we've had them.

I agree with this 100%, my parents have 2 Cavvies, and they have 3 grandchildren from 1-4 yrs of age. The dogs were around before the kids, but they are just so tolerant. DS walks up to the dogs and hugs and kisses them, when he is being naughty, he pulls their ears and sometimes *cringes* hits them. We always praise the dogs for good behaviour when DS is naughty with them as they either just sit there, or they walk away

WE were in your position a little while back, wanting to bring a dog into the family but not quiet sure exactly what sort of dog we wanted...

I will admit the new house we just bought was partly because of the awesome sized yard for the dog lol

We researched alot and asked around and also recalled our childhood history and what dogs both my DH & i had gowing up...

We came up with a Labrador... We then searched for a local breeder and ended up purchasing a puppy - A pure Bred Chocolate Lab 3 weeks ago... A gorgeous little boy Lab we've named Jaffa...

We spent ages with his mum and dad (both owned by the breeder which is rare) and played with all the pups...

I had 2 labs growing up so knew their temprement with kids (which is fantastic)

I agree with the PP's when they stated that it works great if you get a pup have the pup grow up with you and your kids - my children are DD 4& DS 2 so they are still young...

Good luck with your search, buying a dog is such a huge decision (those that say it isnt arent looking for a life time friend but a quick cute puppy)...

I love the fact your going thru the RSPCA, it gives dogs another chance at a great life smile Im not a huge fan of pet shops, you can decide to buy a dog in 2 minutes and leave 5 minutes later - Its like having a child - you want to make sure your doing the right thing - for them and you.... smile

PS - We bring Jaffa home on Dec 15 - BEST CHRISSY PRESENT EVER

Madison Jade 28.08.06 & Kobyn James 20.06.08

Hi ladies,

Looking for opinions on good dogs for kids. DS is 3 and DD is 1. We really want to get a dog, looked at the rspca today and they had a bullmastiff cross DH and DS are in love, googled it and it does say good for families. But I'm not so sure. So what dog do you have or would get if you were looking??? TIA

I have an Alaskan Malamute and a black lab/beardie collie cross. We've also had german shepherds and haven't had any problems with any dogs. Good dogs are all about the training so I definately recommend puppy/dog training schools for any dog you might get.

My boys love our dogs and always want to play with them and because we've always had dogs they know how to behave around dogs - especially important with strange dogs.

If we ever get another dog it will prob be a german shepherd or maybe another malamute.

It's nice you are looking at rehoming a dog from the spca. I've got heaps of friends with spca dogs and none of them has ever had an issue with them. Good luck
We have two lab / golden retriever crosses and they are fantastic with our boys (2.5 yrs & 6 months). Theyve never snapped despite DS1 being really rough with them at times. We have a big yard which you need with two large dogs, or youd have to walk them a lot. We do have to spend a fair bit on dog food, luckily they like the cheap stuff!
We also had a kelpie x when DS1 was born but decided to give her away to friends as she was very jealous of the baby, loyal to me & we got her from the pound orginally and she had been abused. Didnt want her to snap when DS1 was older and tugged at her tail or something.

Jack ''08 & Bump ''10

I thought, while I was adding a comment - Id add a photo of by babies with our new baby...

(hope it works, never uploaded on hugs before)

Madison Jade 28.08.06 & Kobyn James 20.06.08

We have a beautiful Miniture Foxy. She has just turned one and has a lovely nature, and is always so happy just to be in our company.
My parents got a four month old blue heeler who had been neglected by its previous family, so they got Bark Busters in to help them better understand the dog, and train him. We used these techniques with our Foxy, and I would recommend them to anyone.
Our dog is patient with our DS (9months), but I am vigilant with ensuring children are always supervised by a "pack leader" when they are around the dog. only downside with our dog is she is extremely submissive!!!!

I believe that if you feel a connection with the puppy, and it feels right, then it is meant to be! All the best of luck with the possible new addition to your family! smile

Oh and the little Choc lab is beautiful!!
Thanks smile
We love him to bits...
The kids are devistated every time we have to leave him with the breeder.. Cant wait till we can go visit and take him home smile

3 weeks and counting

Madison Jade 28.08.06 & Kobyn James 20.06.08

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