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Has anyone watched this show i dont like the look of it.
I watched it the other night. Andi wasnt so sure about it, but ill be watching it a little more often to see if i realy like it
i have watched up to episode 8. i love it. its not a show i would recomend to someone wanting tips on raising a child, but it has funny parts. episode 3 is hilarious. i just keep wanting jimmy and sabrina to get together lol

I watched the first episode the other night and thought it was funny & different (thanks godness, getting sick of the same kind of sitcoms).
I think the writers are the same ones that did My Name Is Earl, so a bit light hearted & offbeat.

Jack ''08 & Bump ''10

I laughed at the previews lol

It looks like the sort of show that you really have to take in the light-hearted fashion it's intended, not too seriously.
its pretty funny!
I love it i have watched ahead really funny
I wanted to watch it but was out for dinner that night & missed it. Can't bloody find anywhere to DL the first ep so I can watch it before the 2nd one this week. grr.

Probably end up being like everything else..I want to watch it, then for some reason miss the first episode or 2, so then don't the end of the season everyone's saying how great it is and I am kicking myself for not watching it lol.
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