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Cute toddler moments Lock Rss

#1: I had to share what DD just said to me. She's watching swimming on TV, turns to me and said, "can I go swimming too?"

I said "maybe on the weekend when it's warmer, it's a bit cold for swimming today."

DD said "I'll put a jacket on."

I explained that she'll still get wet and cold with a jacket on, she just sighed at me. laugh

#2: This morning she dressed our very unimpressed cat up in her hello kitty sunnies and braclets. Wish I got a photo.

#3: DD has just gotten her first pet, a guinea pig. We were feeding him the other day and DD looked at his litter tray full of poo. She excitedly yells "oh, chocolate!!!" and tried to grab some! gasp

Share your cute toddler moments.
LOL DS comes out with so many random things too.

The other night he was talking to my nana and i heard him say "you got really old aye?" then she told him shes only a little bit old so he said "oh ok, you're just a little bit old then" he seemed happy enough with that.

He's decided that the baby is going to be called "sweetheart" so whenever hes talking about him he'll say "oh sweetheart will be able to play with me when he gets bigger" etc, its so funny, but sweet smile

And today we went for a walk to the supermarket, a fire engine went flying past, sirens, lights and all. And DS says "Oh i wonder what the emergency is!, we dont know what the emergency is cos we're not fireman, aye mum?" lol
Mr 2.5yr grabbed my face, kissed one cheek, turned my head, kissed the other cheek, then pointed and said " Thats the front door (left cheek), thats the back door (right cheek), that the window (nose) and those are windows too (ears)"

Last night he was a nightmare to put to bed, he kept crying and yelling out for me to come in to him, so I relented and went in, laid on his bed, he rolled over, looked at me and said 'whats your problem?' I replied 'I dont have a problem, its you who is having a problem going to sleep' and he replied, well what are you doing in here?' Geez, you cant please a 2 year old!!

I was explaining that people were mammals and he said 'Mummy, your not a mammal', so I asked if I wasnt a mammal what was I? He replied 'You're a princess'

I love my big little man!
ds says a few funny things.

we are going through 'you're not my friend' (or, if he is really serious) 'you're not my BEST friend'.

when i put him to bed he say 'you can sleep with me if you want' and so i have a lie down with him and about 2 minutes later he says 'you can go now'.

he is toilet trained and very interest in pee pees and bajina's lol. he has summed up that pee pees are for standing up and bajinas are for sitting down. if i am going to the toiler (sorry tmi) he will ALWAYS come in anyway but now he looks at me sympathetically and says 'your bajina cant stand up?'.

he needed to do a poo the other day and he said 'quick mum help' so i quickly pulled his pants down and put him on the toilet and he said 'few, that was close'. cracks me up.
I just love the "matter of fact" things they come out with! DDs latest sentence is ". . . got a . . ." She walks around the house saying "Lai Lai's gotta who who" "Daddys gotta pee pee" cracks me up!

This morning she sits down next to me lifts up my shirt and says "Hi baby Junior" puts her hand on my tummy and says "watch, ready. . .move" and pushes him. . .he kicks her. . .she says "Woahhhh" runs over to her books grabs one comes running back sits down, puts the book on my tummy and starts reading to him saying "look Junior" just melted my heart wub
my hubby taught our 21month old to say fart bum but when she says it it sounds like fahhht baaahhhm... she was going up her slide the other day farting like crazy going opps fahhht baaaahhm...... ! hubby was cracking up!
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