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Feeling sad about Youngest starting school Lock Rss

I know i should be excited and a little sad but im beginging devastated at my youngest starting big school next yr. he thank god is SOOOOO excited he has 3 older brothers i only work 1 day per week i think this is the prob as i cant even pick up more shifts when he tarts so i can keep my mind active,
is there anyone else here that feels like this?
Did you have another baby extreme i know , or did you go back to work or pick up more hours, did you study or just play ladies lol.
i think my prob is i dont know any one else in this situation.

Thanks foe any advice


My eldest is starting school next year and I'm sad about it, we'll go from being together all day 5 days out of 7 to only 2 days out of 7 and its going to be a big big adjustment for me. I havent worked since she was born so nearly 5 years and we've been together all that time... except for this year she's gone to preschool 2 days a week. She on the other hand is rearing to go and very excited which I'm happy about of course. But it is sad that my little girl is going off to school, I will miss her terribly and am sad that this part of our life will be over (being a SAHM and together all the time) and her going from a baby to school kid.

I have a 22 month old so will continue being a SAHM for a while but I'm still sad ... just want this time to last forever, I know it cant... but I want it to smile
sorry not been in your situation.

but why not volunteer at the school. or red cross or something to fill in some time, this way you could also meet other mums in your situation.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

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