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My new babies!!!! Lock Rss

The chickens....
the one at the front is Thing 1, so full of spunk love it to bits!!!!

And here is Tiger the new duckling... just loves a snuggle ?

Awww, so cute lol.....

How cute!! Did the other two duckies not make the journey out? sad
very cute Jess, I love babies in general cluck cluck smile

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

How cute!! Did the other two duckies not make the journey out? sad

Still waiting..... not overly hopeful though but not discounting it completely yet, Tiger was only born this arvo after some help .... was so hot here and the poor baby was all dried and stuck in the shell sad But he is such a sweet heart, runs (well waddles quickly) straight to me for a snuggle when I go in grin but he is quite content under his mum as well.....

I do have 4 chicks too but one is very shy, they are doign awesomely!!! They were named Thing 1, thing 2, sally and conrad!!! Thing 1 is a keeper, we love him already!!!! LOL
Aww they are so cute!!! grin

There gorgeous! My mums clucky chook has just had some "babies". Mum got some fertile eggs for her to sit on and they hatched on Monday smile

There so cute smile
How cute are they?

Love Thing 1. Pity they grow up!
Well the other 2 duck eggs weren't viable, checked them last night and they hadn't developed long past fertilisation sad But little Tiger is doing amazingly!!! Love him so much, he is nibbling my toes when I walk in... if you pick him up for a cuddle he nibbles your buttons!!! LOL
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