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Not that I want to start a debate here... Lock Rss

Maybe she doesn't understand the risks associated with it. She asked for advice, you could give her some helpful information on why she shouldn't give sauce and gravey to a newborn. I had a friend who gave her baby honey on a dummy and she is certainly not dumb, just a little ignorant on the subject.
I'm with you Heads*Up. Yeah fine, each to their own, but there is a point where you need to have COMMON SENSE. It rally is becoming like Idiocracy, some people just genuinely have no idea, and have no interest in learning ANYTHING!! I normally like to advocate people's right to individualism, without it our whole society would fail, but seriously, sometimes you just want to slap people!!

On Friday a friend of ours came over - her 13 year old (her youngest, the others are 20 and 18) had spent the day at our place because he'd injured his arm and was having a day off school, so DP said come over and watch the cricket smile

Anyway, she thought it was fine to sit there dunking my 16 month old DD's dummy in her COFFEE!! Okay, not life threatening, but pretty damn annoying, especially considering DD has never had anything on her dummy!!

Then you hear of the bright sparks who DID kill their child because the father was a naturopath and they thought they could treat their daughter's severe excema with his therapies. Even when she developed scepticemia and was malnourished, they persisted. And she died.

Or the other couple who decided both breastmilk and formula were unsuitable for their baby, and fed her on their own home made milk consisting of ground seeds and nuts. Result? Severely malnourished, brain damaged child, who was lucky to survive because when it got to the point where she was beginning to die, they finally decided to take her to hospital.

I know TS/gravy and ice cream aren't in the same league, but when did it become acceptable to do obviously detrimental things to our children's health because of laziness/convenience/ignorance?

I haven't actually read the posts mentioned above, but I just get sad when people really seem to not give a stuff about their children's health and wellbeing, because they are too selfish or stupid to think things through, or learn something. We all make mistakes, and most of us learn from them, but some things can have a much worse outcome than people realise.

Okay, off my high horse now, if anyone wants to have a go at me about my parenting go nuts lol
Sadly, people are morons.
I certainly don't consider myself stupid, or ignorant, or even selfish, and I have used honey on my children's dummies. I knew the risks, and to me, the benefits outweighed the risks, so I went for it. I don't like to judge anyone's decisions or behaviour, if I can help it, because you never know why people choose to do things for. And I do think it would have been helpful, if this issue is so close to your heart, if you could constructively give advice to the person you are referring to, rather than calling her stupid, which never helps anyone!

kerrie, VIC, DD 12/8/03, DD 12/10/05, DD 14/9/07, DD 4/1/10

I consider that mild compared to the 'sleep dr' here in Adelaide that reccomends people start their 8wk olds on solids... like full on solids, potato, pasta etc to 'fill them up'.

Everyone parents differently and parents do what they believe is right and what works for them... it's not our place to judge.

I just don't see what this thread actually does to contribute to the situation. Basically, it's a bit of a bitch at the expense of someone else.

The problem IS that we live in an individualistic society, no one likes being told what to do and how to do it. We follow our 'instincts' which means a huge difference in opinion. However, it appears as though this lady requested advice, which makes me think she is unsure about something regarding this situation and is desiring input. Instead of insulting her intelligence, how about offering your opinion as to why you don't think feeding tomato sauce or gravy is a good idea at a young age - and offer an alternative? Surely that would be more helpful.
I haven't read the thread you are referring to either, but guess it is better than putting alcohol on the dummy like I've heard many parents do!

Neither myself or DS ever had a dummy & DS hasn't either, so guess I don't understand why parents put stuff on dummies anyway.

To me, it is no different to allowing a child to go to sleep sucking on a bottle of milk or juice, which drs say is a big no no, as it can damage the developing teeth.
i think EVERY SINGLE PARENT is guilty of giving their child something that is not all that good for them. you dont know what they get the rest of the time so i dont get all up in arms about it. my 3 year old is sitting next to me as i type this and he is eating a bowl of smarties and my 17 month old dd is munchin on a yoyo biscuit.

people in glass houses and all that crap...
Did I call her stupid? Or did I call her behaviour stupid? I'm not sure anymore.

I DIDN'T respond to her thread because there's been a lot of previous, similar threads on here, and the OP very rarely takes any of the advice on board. Like the woman who gave her eight week old jelly.

The MAIN point of my original post was more a general musing on how some people think that just because they've managed to give birth to a child they can do whatever THEY think is right.

I don't think that ANYONE here can justify giving a eleven week old tomato sauce.


ETA that the "not that I want to start a debate here..." was meant to be tongue in cheek.
Read the label, BBQ sauce and Tomato sauce is mostly sugar. Future diabetic with no teeth in the making. You have a right to be outraged! We'll be paying the medical and dental bills of the poor child.

I hate it when you see the baby drinking coke out of a baby bottle on the train. Which makes me ask - Should you say something in that case?

I hate it when you see the baby drinking coke out of a baby bottle on the train. Which makes me ask - Should you say something in that case?

ummm no. it is none of your business.
Where is the thread????
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