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Not that I want to start a debate here... Lock Rss

Seriously, a lot of parents do things that other parents think is totally awful, but in most cases it is their own business, so that is how it should stay! In the scheme of things, tomato sauce on the dummy is nothing to worry about! Once wont cause rotten teeth! I think there are too many people trying to be 'perfect' and 'by the book', but parenting is all about doing what you do and hoping for the best. There are so many things that can go wrong for parents and their children that sweating the small stuff, like a bit of tomato sauce, is a waste of time - unless of course these people think that avoiding these things will keep away bigger problems - drugs come to mind here, one of my biggest fears!

kerrie, VIC, DD 12/8/03, DD 12/10/05, DD 14/9/07, DD 4/1/10

<> Very post modern of you!!

I'm not that evolved I'm afraid.

Nice chatting!

?? i am just honest with myself. i dont know whether you are being sarcastic with your 'nice chatting' send off but i will take it as sincere <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

?? i am just honest with myself. i dont know whether you are being sarcastic with your 'nice chatting' send off but i will take it as sincere

Totally sincere. It's been an entertaining evening. I'm crashing into bed...
i think the best parents are the ones that are aware of their shortcomings, take them in their stride, and work with them! Those are the ones that tend to have the most flexible views, and can work with the ever-evolving rollercoaster that parenting seems to be! And the ones that know they aren't perfect are sending their children the message that it is ok to not be perfect, which I think is a very important lesson.

kerrie, VIC, DD 12/8/03, DD 12/10/05, DD 14/9/07, DD 4/1/10

obviously we all think that what we are doing is "right" or we wouldnt be doing it. i dont think there is anyone on here that believes they've never made ANY mistakes or done ANYTHING that they wish they hadnt in hindsight but at the time i'd bet they believed it was the right thing to do.

I think its easy to preach right and wrong on here because you are behind the safety of a computer screen with anonymity but i think that in person the majority of people would have the decent to broach sensitive subjects and parenting subjects with a little more tact and respect than is often the case online.

I know i have been accused of having "perfect parent" syndrome on here once before - it shocked the pants off me LOL i have proven time and again that i am far from it so not sure why i was interpreted as that way. Perhaps because when i DO believe in something strongly or passionately, i tend to sound "preachy" i guess.

But anyway, this site is so hormonal if you fart someone will be offended blink
wow people are so judgemental arent they...i cant believe this is even worth debating about its tomatoe sauce i mean really in the grand scheme of what people do to kids it should not even register...i probably should not even mention what my kids have eaten during their short lives should i or i may be burned at the stake LOL...better go my kids are eating nuttella out of the jar AGAIN!!!!

hi guys can i add one more thing into the debate.... I can't stand it when i read post like >>>> my baby has had dirrea 9SPELLING)for two weeks now!!! is it concussion.... don't post it on here take the baby to the doctor for goodness sakes... demand an appointment..

read the post again, she took the baby to the doctor already.

and parents make mistakes, and learn from them. I left my 2 year old on the side of the road while I ran back accross the busy road to get his shoe that fell off. Stupid thing to do...yes, did I make a mistake....yes, did I learn from said mistake.....yes and would I do it again....NO!!

I am sure if I stop to think there are many mistakes that we make and learn from, but when we reach out to ask for help from our peers, what we want is assistance, not condemnation

poor luv - c'mon ladies

she dipped the damn dummy in tommy sauce, not fed the baby a bowl full. It's not going to rot the babies teeth or give it diabetes. Geesus.
My 13mth ofld little girl has to have some sauce when we have takeaway chips not often but she has to have it on her plate lol.. I remember when my son was 6mths old and we were out to lunch he was crying and crying so my partner ended up dipping his dummy into a a gravy that he had on his plate! lol... Atleast he was nice and quite for 5 mins lol...

I think sometimes it's so hard to be a parent and know what's right from wrong but we figutre it out on the way!!
To the OP, supportive forum? mean anything? Your post was not needed. If your in a bad mood, go and do something constructive. I really annoys me how people think that because they are a parent on this forum they are entitled to critisize others. We are all mothers and none of us have never made a mistake with our kids. I say grow up. If soemone doesnt want to take your advice, so be it. Learn some self control. These types of posts are getting very old, very fast. Your 'tongue in cheek' comments can do a lot of damage to someone's confidence as a parent.
"this site is so hormonal if you fart someone will be offended "
Love it! Think it's so true. If you don't agree with the mainstream you get pounced on.
Though it's good to read different views from some people

To the OP:
Yes there have been some extraordinarily "mis-guided" posts on here recently about some strange things such as the tomato sauce, and the jelly lady (I have my suspicions about her, but anyway......) and Yes, they can be annoying, frustrating even ridiculous.

But, this is supposed to be a forum for people to support each other in a constructive way, not for people to make fun of others, regardless of how "stupid" you deem a post or a parenting action to be.
As other PPs have said, let she who is pefect cast the first stone. God knows, I have had my head bitten off for suggesting that you can give a room temperature formula bottle, for goodness sakes!

A lot of mums and mums-to-be on here do not have a lot of family or social support and are on here asking (mostly) geniunely for guidance and advice. If you feel upset, annoyed, outraged etc by the actions of another, there is a constructive way to say it to the poster, offer some advise without making them feel stupid or silly or like they are having the p!ss taken out of them.

I know forums are a place for people to express themselves and their opinions, behind the safety of a computer screen, but c'mon. If you dont like or agree with the content of a post, and you cannot find a "diplomatic" way to say so, move on.

His Royal Highness, Prince William

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