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wedding songs Lock Rss

DH arrived to "Run to Paradise"
I walked down the aisle to "Nothing esle Matters" by Metallica
Arrived at the reception to "Heaven" by DJ Sammy
Bridal Waltz "Unbreakable" by Westlife

We tried not to have too much lovey dovey stuff cause that's just not us.
Good luck.
i walked in to that song from mcleods daughters "did i tell you

we signed to a song from U2

and raced out to "RUN TO PARADISE" choir boys!!!! really cool

all was quite then you heard this big loud "BABY YOU WERE ALWAYS GOING TO be the one"
I walked down the aisle to The Gift by Angels and Airwaves. Mainly because I am an awesome gift for my DH tongue. It's a beautiful song and something different.
Signed to a song by Sikth (their one slow song as DH is a MASSIVE fan)
Walked off (the beach) to Colourful by Rocco DeLuca and The Burden.
Entered the Reception to Two Strong Hearts (our last name is Hart) and first dance was Everything, Everyway by Sunk Loto!

So, not many traditional songs, but still beautiful songs and totally us!

We're not married yet but we're getting married to the song
"Breathless" by Shayne Ward
and our 1st dance will be
"Stay with you" by John Legend

I love This I promise You by Ronan Keating
We had KC& JOJO - All my life and Lonestar's - Amazing

Cheers Ness

thanks girls, I will go and check out all those songs. You have helped me out heaps. My DF loves AC/DC so he wont like any of the songs, but if its not too gooey, he will be ok lol.

We are not having a bridal dance, boo hoo but thats ok. Suppose its his wedding too lol. I was actually thinking of having a dance with my 4 munchkins. What do you think of that idea? not sure if that silly or not.
walked down the aisle to canon in D. i can't remember the name of the music we had for signing certificate or the end of the ceremony but they were both classical pieces performed by a classical trio. it was really lovely.

for our first dance we had You and Me by lifehouse. i love that song! for the end of the reception we had Time of your life by green day (i think thats what its called - its the one they had on the final ep of seinfeld which is DH's fav show) and then Time of my life from dirty dancing (one of my fav movies), and also chasing cars by snow patrol (no reason for that we just like the song lol). we had quite a lot of people to see on our way out so needed a few songs!!!

ETA - another song we had just after our first dance was when you say nothing at all by ronan keating. we then used this on the start of our wedding dvd, where it shows us both getting ready. DH edited the video, so used most of the music from the wedding, and every time we watch it (in 3.5 years i have watched it at least twice a year) it brings back so many memories of the day. music is good like that! i love our wedding video. might go and watch it now lol!!!

I walked down the isle to "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwo?ole

We signed the papers to " Clare De Lune" by Debussy

Walked back up the isle as hubby and wife to "Beautiful day" by U2

The bridal party walked into the reception to " All you need is Love' By the Beetles

We walked in to "Im Yours" by Jason Mraz

First dance to "Better Together" by Jack Johnson

Cut the cake to "Sugar Sugar" by the Archies

Threw the bouqet to "Candy Man" by Christina Aguilera

Garter toss was "Sexy Back" by Justin Timerlake

And our leaving song was "Boogie Wonderland" from the Happy Feet soundtrack (this was because our first date was to see Happy Feet)

HTH grin

Well not married yet but as most people know I have given it a lot if thought haha

my songs will be

walk down the aisle to all I want is you by U2 (DP loves U2)

first dance to green eyes by coldplay ( cos I have green eyes)

and I have to fit songbird by Eva Cassidy in there somewhere cos I love that song so much!!!

I walked down the aisle to Forever by Ben Harper, signed to White Moth by Xavier Rudd, All I Minds' Losing You by John Butler Trio & Better Together by Jack Johnson. Then we had a mix of relaxed type music as everyone congratulated us after the ceremony the first of which was Fix You by Coldplay because I LOVE that song.

i walked down the 'aisle' to wild horse, buffy the vampire slayer version but OUR song will always be 'you and me' by life house. if this song comes on on our ipod shuffle we always shimmy up to each other and slow dance. i just love it. my favourite line 'i dont know why i cant keep my eyes off of you'.
I walked down the aisle to butterfly kisses by Garth Brooks and our bridal waltz was to amazed by lonestar
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