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I haven't read all the replies so i don't know what has been said but...

Dixie Chicks "How long do u want to be loved"

Words to chorus are "How long do u want to be loved, is forever enough cause I'm never never giving you up"

Good luck picking!
I walked up the aisle (crying lol) to Paschbels Cannon in D. Beautiful classical piece.

Signed the paperwork to Westlife - You raise me up

Walked out to a lady in full dress playing the bagpipes...... I surprised DH with that one wub

First dance was to Robbie Willims - Angels. This is my alltime fav song and I had to have it!

I agree with a PP about dvd music - the guy that did ours took a copy of all our special songs and redubed the dvd so they can be heard clearly.

Just remember to choose songs that mean something to you - it doesn't matter what other people like its your day!

we've picked you and I by wilco to walk up the aisle to (i wanted cat power - sea of love, but lost out sad) signing the certificate to the beatles - in my life, and leaving to the rascals - good lovin'

good luck picking songs!

i walked in to that song from mcleods daughters "did i tell you

we signed to a song from U2

and raced out to "RUN TO PARADISE" choir boys!!!! really cool

all was quite then you heard this big loud "BABY YOU WERE ALWAYS GOING TO be the one"

I wish I had thought of that one, I LOVE singing at the top of my lungs to that one!!

I was actually thinking of having a dance with my 4 munchkins. What do you think of that idea? not sure if that silly or not.

I was bridesmaid at my friends wedding and my DH didnt want to get up and dance, and the groomsman was the grooms sister, so I went up and danced with my DS who was 3 months at the time. He was fast asleep, but it was fun all the same smile
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