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Best home phone and internet deals Lock Rss

We have wireless internet and it is AWFUL so we are thinking of getting a home phone and Internet package...

So who has a great deal or had one?...or know of one?

I have an Optus Internet and phone cap. All calls (no matter which network) inclusive and a big download amount. It's an old one but they have similar ones still. Service is great and I pay same amount every month. Very easy to budget.
TPG have awesome bundles

Avoid Telstra like the plague.... I posted earlier about them. Heaps of good telcos out there. I like Optus as when i had them (before I moved country) they were fantastic.

Do heaps of research and get yourself the best deal.
i love how everyone says avoid telstra! lol that i agree with!!

We're with TPG for the internet and its so cheap!!! i def recommend!! smile
Probably no point me posting because everyone is saying avoid telstra, but I am with telstra and have never had any problems and have always had really good customer service. I like my plan, we have a bundle with home phone and calls, and 100gb adsl 2+ then slowed for $88 per month.

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