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Please help on what to say/how to say it? Lock Rss


Just had a call from my DH's mum - she is in hospital. She told me they have said she might not make it to Christmas. She wanted me to tell DH as she doesn't feel she can.

What do I say. I can barely stop crying myself to know. Do I wait until he comes round this arvo (we are separated at the moment, but he is dropping by) or do I phone him now?
Oh hun

So sorry for you all.

I would wait until you see him in person. Think you will both need each others shoulders to cry on.

I hope she pulls through until after Christmas.

Big hugs hun & to your DH also. Never an easy time. Thinking of you. xxx
I'd wait until he comes around because if you are crying on the phone he may not really be able to understand what's going on.
You've just got to start with "your mum called and she has some really bad news....." There is no easy way to say it and I'm sorry for you all.
Definitely wait until you are face to face....even though you might be seperated, he will need your support once he hears the news. Don't be surprised if he reacts to the news in anger either, and if he does start getting cranky at you it's not really you that he's cranky with as it might be his way of dealing with it. if that makes sense. Make sure you let him know that his mum asked you to tell him because she didn't feel she's important that he knows the reason why his mum isn't the one to tell him such bad news.

I had to tell DF over the phone that his favourite aunty had passed suddenly and believe me it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do because he was away refereeing at the NRL Masters Carnival in February and he wouldn't be home until the Sunday (she passed in the early hours of Saturday morning). Finding the words to tell him without bawling my eyes out was really difficult but it was even harder having to listen while he broke down over the phone and knowing that I couldn't give him the hugs I knew he needed.

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

wait til you see him in person. only this week was i told over the phone that my pop only had a few days to live. i was shocked cause he was always fit and well.that was monday,tuesday he passed sad i was lucky enough to go up to the nursing home to see him monday night, i will never forget seeing him like he was.
its such an awful thing to happen
I hope she pulls through til after christmas
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