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How long have you kept your pregnancy a secret Lock Rss

Just wondering how long you have kept it a secret and how you managed?

With my boys I just couldn't help myself, I told most people quite early on. Next time it happens we'd love to keep it a secret until we find out the sex of the baby. Crazy I know, but we want time for ourselves to enjoy the news without the opinions of everyone plus the Girl question!

With my 1st it was a secret until about 22 weeks when i couldnt really hide it much longer.
With my 2nd told people from about 10 weeks
With my 3rd I think people could tell right away but didnt actually tell anyone until about 14 weeks
Um, we told our parents from about 8 weeks. I told my boss at around 12 weeks ( i was vomiting at work, he thought i had a tummy bug, silly males) then i told a few other people around 18 weeks and the rest figured it out!

I worked in a big office full of gossiper's (is that a word?) and i knew everyone would bitch about it!
My first was 6 weeks to my mum and all my family with my DP's family it was 12 weeks.

My second my mum was 6 weeks and my family with my DP's family wasn't till i was starting to show was about 16- 20 weeks lol...
Both DS's DH told everyone pretty much as soon as I found out.

With this one I found out 3 days before my wedding and my mum told everyone at the wedding

I get the girl question and when they ask I simply say "DUH"
thanks for the replies smile

I kept my 2nd pregnancy a secret from most family until 17 weeks beside my parents and the IL's, 3rd pregnancy was 11 weeks but we were flooded straight away with the girl question. DH and I honestly don't care if we get a girl or not, it would be nice but we aren't too worried either way. My aunty has it stuck in her head that we want 5 because we are desperate for a daughter even though i've told her we aren't having more children just for that fact. I'm so sick of my opinionated family at the moment not accepting that we want 5 children because we love kids not just because we want a girl. So if i could hide it next time until then atleast i could send out a message stating we are expecting and what we are having without going through the hassels. With DS3 we actually booked a secret scan a week before my morphology scan so that no one could message us asking what it was

lol thanks, my boobs were a dead give away with DS3 as well. I actually got fitted for my wedding dress while pregnant and when i went back for re-fitting i had lost 15 inch around the bust as I wasn't breastfeeding etc. i've got from a 14D (while pregnant) to a 10B lol

we kept my first pregnancy a secret till 21+3 days from my parents and 21+5 for ils and from everyone else till about 22 weeks as at the time i was only 15 and still going to school this time told both the parents on mothers day i was 9 wks then told everyone else from 12 wks onwards i found out with my ds gender but i always get the what are you having question (we didnt find out this time) and am sick of every one asking. my family are the worst they want me to have a girl and muy mum keeps saying that she has a horrible feeling its a boy ( i always say why is that a bad thing my ds will love a lil bro i would love another ds) i would like a girl down the track but i really dont mind what my lil one turns out to be only 1 more week till my edd cant wait to meet my lil suprise


That's right, people don't realise how upsetting they can be. I admit i was quite devastated when we found out DS3 was a boy but i got over it quickly. It didn't help with the comments though. My SIL was like i just assumed you would have a girl since you have 2 boys. blah blah. All I can imagine now is my husband and i with 5 boys running around and it doesn't worry me now but i feel like it would be exciting to tell everyone when we know the sex as well but like i said i dont know if i could contain it for that long lol

Told husband immediately - i.e. I felt a twinge when I ovulated (don't usually) and reported to him that I had a sneaking suspicion of what was going on in there. Then I told Mum and my sister once we got back from our honeymoon (so at about 1 week), that I thought I was pregnant. Told a couple of colleagues at 10 weeks, then everyone at 12. I know it's far more prudent to wait, but I was excited and confident.
i told my mum and mother inlaw and the rest of DFs side of the family the day i found out i was pregnant which turned out i was 11.6 weeks along- how out of tune with my body am i laugh i thought my symptoms were a continuess bout of gastro hahaha, i told my side of the family when i was 25 weeks along and said i didnt know i was pregnant hahaha only because my grandparents are catholic and love them more than anything in the world and didnt want to disappoint them but they werent overjoyed by it at first but never let me know but they love all their great grandchildren and it doesnt bother them anymore as long as im healthy and happy and in a good place in my life.. with my last two pregnancys i told everyone who would listen i was pregnant i was 7 weeks with DS2 and DD i was in Denial i was pregnant but told everyone when i knew for sure and i was 7 weeks minus Fs family as he didnt have the guts to tell them so i did two weeks later lol
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