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Hospitals in Melbourne Lock Rss

Hi all,

Well I have recently moved to South East Melbourne from Perth and am having trouble finding a good hospital to have my 2nd child!
I am living in the Berwick area at the moment(with friends until we find our own house), bt will most probably move to a diff suburb by the time I have baby. Most likely around Lyndhurst or Rowvill. Or somewhere close to Keysborough as thats where DF works. I had an em C/S with DD last year April so will prob not get into Casey Hospital and dnt really want to waste time trying as I only have 9 weeks left to go. Has anyone had baby in a hospital around these areas you would recommend?
Any help would be much appreciated!!!!!


Hi there!

Your best bet besides Casey is to either try Monash Medical Centre or Frankston Hospital. I had DS at Frankston and they were great!

Good luck!
I had DD1 at Monash clayton, and had DS and DD2 at Frankston. I was very happy with both hospitals. DS was an emergency C/S and Frankston were great.
It depends on what you want and where you'll be living.

Location-wise, closest to Lyndhurst would be Frankston Hospital, Keysborough would be Dandenong Hospital or Rowville would be Angliss.

I don't know anyone who's had a baby at Dandenong. I know a couple who have delivered at Frankston and had a good experience. I have friends who have had their babies at Angliss and have no complaints.

Angliss is a much smaller hospital than Dandenong or Frankston, but still has all the facilities. If I were you, I'd contact any that might be close, especially with only 9 weeks to go.
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