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pen off Lock Rss

how to clean off the pen mark on kitchen title floor???
i have tired everything i can do!! arghhh
Have you tried Gumption or metho?

Have you tried nail polish remover? Or Bam?
Apparently eucalyptus oil is good for stuff like that, never tried it myself. Good luck smile
Maybe try hairspray. It kind of worked when I had nikko on my vintage vinyl chairs, but i think the nikko had been there too long. how about one of those magic erasers? i had to use one of those when i found crayon all over the cream loungeroom walls, hehe. got it right off. good luck, i know how annoying pen mark is.

Sugar soap works a treat at my place, I use it for pen, texta etc on the tiles and walls...
I use toothpaste mixed with bicarb soda and a scrubby brush. Works a treat. smile

We have a white leather lounge and I have removed pen and texta from it several times doing this and you can't see a mark at all.

baby wipes!
Yep hair spray as i love my bubba! said. I use that to remove pen from my DD clothes all the time (and once from the walls - naughty DD). It dissolves the ink. My grandmother always say the best thing is baking soda and water to remove things off floors, walls but i have never tried tiles. I would give all the the suggested ago but i can say hair spray works wonders =)
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