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QuICK update....... Lock Rss

And still none the wiser unsure She found nothing in my uterus but said I would be lucky to be 5 wks so it may be too early.... couldn't see anything in the tubes to indicate an ectopic preg.... she said if the pain comes back straight to ED.... she was lovely, told me what to ask for at the GP tomorrow and said that hopefully its just too early...

We brought another pack of tests on the way home (had used cheap eBay ones) and with 1st response was a BFP within 30 seconds..... so I guess thats something
Been waiting for your news.

I'm not sure what to say.... with DD2 I had an U/S at around the 5 week mark and they knew something was there, but no heart beat yet as it was too early.

Positive test prob means you are tho. Did you have a blood test done when you saw the DR? That will tell you for sure.

I can't wait til you say you are! I am so excited for you... Keep us informed!
The BFP is a good signs fingers crossed it was just 2 early for the US. Keep us posted

Yes Anita they did bloods this morning, so should know something tomorrow, I am still crampy but she was a bit rough (not her fault) and had to do a lot of pressing and pokingso hopefully thats all it is..
FX you have some answers soon Jess.. I know how frustrating the waiting game is. Thought Id share my experience with you too.. I had a missed conception (early M/C) at 6 wks (last december) an June this year at 5 wks. The day after I did a test, started bleeding, small amount of cramps an small amount of clots. I was so devo. Levels at 1st BT were 54 (still getting super bright +ive tests) but 2 days later -ive an levels were 7..
And then 4 wks later I was UTD again with this baby. LOL.
Whatever you do, try not to read too much into it (I drove myself nuts over that week) an as hard as it is, whatever is meant to be will be..
Hope u get some answers ASAP.

Oh I've been waiting to see something from you hun, that is more frustrating if anything! I will keep my fingers crossed that all the waiting will be well worth it xxx
ooooh here's to hoping for a lovely xmas pressie!

Hopefully that quick BFP is a great sign and you have a teeny tiny hiding baby smile All the best for the next couple of days, playing the waiting game must be agonising!
thanks ladies!!! Yep its a painfully annoying wait! hopefully its all good but trying not to get my hopes up too much,...... will still obvioulsy treat it like it is, been eating better and stopped drinking (feel shocking that I started drinking again once AF arrived sad ) and I figure I have always eaten enough for two anyway, no need to change that now tongue
Argh frustrating!!! Dont you hate not knowing. BFP sounds promising tho smile hopefully you'll be able to confirm soon and you can get really properly excited smile

good luck
Sarah xo

The really quick BFP has got to be a good sign smile How frustrating about the U/S though. Am keeping everything crossed for you.

FX chick xxxxxxxxx
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